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Taunting The Tea Party

Ha ha ha:


The DCCC sent the above cards to freshman Republican House members today, as well as media releases to their districts which …

… identify each member as “the newest Tea Party House Republican who will put millionaires ahead of the middle class and dysfunction ahead of progress,” according to DCCC communications director Jesse Ferguson.

Love the expiration date! Seriously, every craptacular thing which happened in President Obama’s first term is because a bunch of fucking Democrats didn’t get off their asses and vote in 2010. Let’s not make that mistake in 2014, ‘mm’kay?

BTW, the NRCC taunted incoming Dems in a similar way today, so put away the Faux Umbrage Concern Kits, Teanuts.

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>I’m Sorry, Rush!

>Hilarious. Send your apology to Rush Limbaugh, courtesy of the DCCC.

Well, Michael Steele certainly stepped in the flaming pile of poo Rahm Emmanuel left on his doorstep. The question of the day is, how much longer can he last? Last week I said privately Steele had until August, but with stuff like this occurring on a daily basis, and media outlets reviving allegations of campaign finance improprieties, it’s obvious someone Important is throwing him under the bus.

I’m thinking he might be gone by June.

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