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The Unbearable Hypocrisy of Tennessee Republicans

The $940 billion farm bill went down in flames in the House, and good riddance. It would have cut $20.5 billion from SNAP, aka the food stamp program.

Tennessee Rep. Stephen Fincher, who made national news when he said churches should deal with the poor while the government should keep sending checks to farmers like himself, voted for the bill. Apparently national scorn has left him uncowed.

Also voting for the bill: Rep. Marsha Blackburn and Rep. Diane Black, who three days ago were in the news peddling junk science about fetal pain and giving impassioned floor speeches about the need to ban abortions after 20 weeks.

Said Black:

“When I became a nurse more than 40 years ago, I took a vow to devote myself to the welfare of those committed to my care,” Black said.

Said Blackburn:

“We are taking an action that will enable so many children to enjoy that first guarantee, that guarantee to life,” Blackburn told House members.

Hmm. I guess food isn’t part of “care” and “life.” Do you think Tennessee Republicans know that a fetus vessel (aka, a woman) needs food?

Proof yet again that unless you’re a fetus or a corporation, Republicans don’t give a damn about you.


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Rep. Fincher Joins TNGOP’s Starving Children Club


It’s not “stealing” when Rep. Fincher does it!

USDA data collected in EWG’s 2013 farm subsidy database update — going live tomorrow –shows that Fincher collected a staggering $3.48 million in “our” money from 1999 to 2012. In 2012 alone, the congressman was cut a government check for a $70,000 direct payment. Direct payments are issued automatically, regardless of need, and go predominantly to the largest, most profitable farm operations in the country.

I am literally at a loss for words. Surely Tennessee’s 8th district deserves better than a heartless bastard who has his hand in the till while telling poor children to go begging at the church door. And you call yourself a Christian with that mouth? No. That’s not Christianity. That is the opposite of Christianity. That is being selfish, greedy, and abusive.

I’m sick of these assholes and their phony faith.


DownloadedFileWhat is it with Tennessee Republicans and hungry children? First we had Williamson County GOP Chair Kevin Kookogey calling the National School Breakfast program a “perverse handout.” Yes, that’s right, making sure hungry kids start the day off right with some nutrition so they can actually learn something in school is perverse.

Then we had state Sen. Stacey Campfield’s now-infamous “starve the children” bill. And now we have Rep. Stephen Fincher, TN-08, passionately arguing to cut food stamps in the Farm Bill because, Jesus:

Rep. Stephen Fincher, R-Tenn., then quoted a verse from the 26th chapter of Matthew, saying the “poor will always be with us” in his defense of cuts to the food stamps program. 

Fincher said obligations to take care of the poor should be left to churches, not the government.

Right, that worked so well for hundreds of years when the obligation to care for the poor really was left to the churches. Also, way to cherry-pick the Bible, dude.

But also, Jesus Hates Lazy Poors:

Republican Congressman Stephen Fincher of Tennessee, who supports cuts to the program, had his own Bible verse from the Book of Thessalonians to quote back to Vargas: “The one who is unwilling to work shall not eat,” he said.

First of all, the idea that the poor don’t work is astonishingly, dumfoundingly stupid. Here’s a guy crafting policy affecting the poor and he knows absolutely nothing about what it’s like to be poor in America. But second of all, since Fincher brought the work topic up, what does he do for a living? When he’s not sucking on the taxpayer teet as a Congressmonster, of course.

Let’s ask the Great Gazoogle:

A seventh generation farmer, Fincher is a managing partner in Fincher Farms, a family business that grows cotton, corn, soybeans, and wheat on more than 2,500 acres in western Tennessee. The company has received $8.9 million in farm subsidies over the past decade, mostly from the cotton program, according to U.S. Department of Agriculture data.[6][7][8] Fincher received a $13,650 grant to help buy grain hauling and storage equipment from the state Department of Agriculture in 2009 as part of the Tennessee Agricultural Enhancement Program.[9]

Oh! So Stephen Fincher thinks it’s perfectly fine for the taxpayers to send him a handout, but when the poor need help putting food on the table, it’s sorry! Jesus says no!


In fact, Fincher — a self-described member of the Tea Party, ‘natch — was the largest recipient of farm subsidies in the U.S. Congress, according to this 2011 report, raking in $3,368,843. This was so horrifying that at one point some pundits thought this might be a problem for him with Tea Party voters.


Get real. If you’re looking for principles on the right side of the aisle you will continually be disappointed.

Rep. Stephen Fincher, you are a horrible person who uses the Bible to selectively justify your greedy, selfish ways. Woe unto you.

Repent, asshole.


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>Jumping To Conclusions

>Re: the Farm Bill snafu, Ben over at Taxing Tennessee adds 2 + 2 and comes up with five:

Opps…Congress forgets 34 pg section of Farm Bill

so the vote to override Bush’s veto is null and void. Hmmmm…this would almost lead one to believe that NO ONE ACTUALLY READ THE BILL!!!!!

These idiots pass legislation everyday without reading the bills!!

Um, not necessarily. It means a 34-page section of the bill sent to the White House was different from the one Congress passed. So while they hopefully read what they voted on (and who knows, right?) no one re-read it in the printed packet that was sent to the White House for the President’s signature. With all the many versions a piece of legislation goes through, I can see how that might happen.

But hey, Ben’s version certainly fits nicely with the “government doesn’t work” meme that is the anti-tax crowd’s mantra.

By the way, I would have told Ben this over at Taxing Tennessee but like many right-wing blogs he doesn’t allow comments.

Anyway, I don’t for a moment think our Congress critters read every piece of every bill. We all remember the huge stink that was raised after it become public knowledge that Congress didn’t read the Patriot Act before it was passed. But of course, that’s when Republicans were in charge of Congress. I don’t remember Ben raising a stink about that.

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