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Un-Fair & Un-Balanced

Wow. Just …. wow. Just when you thought Fox couldn’t stoop any lower, they manage to make Mitt Romney look like freaking Dag Hammarskjöld:

Already picked up by Jim “dim” Hoft, the dumbest man on the internet.

Truly disgusting people.


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The Shocking Interview Fox News Refused To Air

The great irony is that this Fox News reporter defends the media to Occupy Wall Street protestor Jesse LaGreca by telling him that,

“We’re here giving you an opportunity with On The Record with Greta Van Susteren to put any message you want out there you, to give fair coverage, and I’m not going to in any way be biased about it. So that is the exception to the case. Because you wouldn’t be able to get your message out without us, yes?”

… and then promptly left that message on the cutting room floor. Gee, I wonder why? Perhaps because LaGreca pretty much handed this reporter his ass and shamed the network — and the fact that they refused to air this interview is only further embarrassment for the Republican Party’s propaganda machine. Watch for yourself:

And I have a special wag of the finger to my liberal friends who keep saying the Occupy Wall Street protestors don’t have a clear message. I’m not sure which protest you’ve been watching but the message seems very clear to me. The bottom 99% want to have their needs addressed. They want to be heard. They’re tired of lower wages and fewer benefits and outsourced jobs so the folks at the top can take home bigger bonuses. They’re tired of a rigged casino where lobbyists make sure the house always wins, paid for by everyone else. They’re tired of being told they don’t matter.

It’s all very clear to me. Rock on.

(via New York Observer…)


And speaking of news media, I’m not sure the New York Times’ Andrew Ross Sorkin should admit he only went down to Zuccotti Park to cover the protests because the CEO of a “major bank” called him and asked him what the protest was about.

Gee, I wish we all had our personal New York Times reporter to ask about current events! Oh wait, I thought that’s what subscriptions were for …


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No, “Anonymous,” this wasn’t cute, funny, subversive, satirical or even halfway cool. It was just plain irresponsible and stupid:

Fox News’s hacked Twitter feed declares Obama dead

Rogue 4 July tweets on TV news channel’s politics service go viral but Fox News is apparently back in control

Adam Gabbatt, Monday 4 July 2011 09.09 BST

Fox News has apparently fallen victim to hacking, with its politics Twitter feed repeatedly announcing President Barack Obama had been shot dead.

@foxnewspolitics began tweeting the information to its 33,000 followers at about 2am local time, with the posts rapidly being shared around the internet.

The rogue tweets appeared to begin after the account sent a message saying Fox had just “regained full access to our Twitter account”.

The following tweets all related to the supposed death of Obama, with some posts being very specific about the president’s injuries.

I don’t know what the hell these kids were thinking but it wasn’t funny, not by a long shot. I’ve about lost my patience with these idiots. First they go after how songwriters earn a living, and now this.

Grow the fuck up.


Some reports say it was Anonymous, others don’t identify the hacker at all. WHOMEVER did it, you’re an idiot.


The Script Kiddies have evidently claimed responsibility for the hack. Apparently they have “close ties” to Anonymous, two of the Script Kiddies are former Anonymous members according to my link.


Showing there’s humor even in this situation, the incident has prompted a new Twitter hashtag, #foxnewstwitterpassword. Funniest entries:



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Kabuki Like A Fox

This is nothing new to a lot of us, but reading New York magazine’s “The Elephant In The Green Room” does reaffirm what we’ve all long suspected: that the cable news media is less worried about actual political reporting, about actual facts, about actual news, even about actual partisan ideology, than it is worried about its profits. And it is these profits which shape their partisanship, their reporting, their conflation of fact with fiction.

I know, I know: big deal. “Beale: We know this, already!” Yes, yes, and yes. But I think even I underestimated to what degree this cynicism has overpowered cable news. I mean yes, I knew Fox News’ politics is more about profits than any hardcore ideology but I guess I figured that there was a scintilla of conservative ideology in there. But really, Rupert Murdoch considered endorsing Obama before the presidential election? Really? And then there’s this:

By October 2008, Ailes recognized that Obama was likely to beat McCain. He needed to give his audience a reason to stay in the stands and watch his team.

And so he went on a hiring spree. By the time Obama defeated McCain, Ailes had hired former Bush aide Karl Rove and Mike Huckabee and went on to assemble a whole lineup of prospective 2012 contenders: Palin, Gingrich, Santorum, and John Bolton.

It was, more than anything, a business decision. “It would be easy to look at Fox and think it’s conservative because Rupert and Roger are conservative and they program it the way they like. And to a degree, that’s true. But it’s also a business,” a person close to Ailes explained. “And the way the business works is, they control conservative commentary the way ESPN controls the market for sports rights. If you have a league, you have a meeting with ESPN, you find out how much they’re willing to pay, and then everyone else agrees to pay the same amount if they want it … It’s sort of the same at Fox. I was surprised at some of what was being paid until I processed it that way. If you’re ABC and you don’t have Newt Gingrich on a particular morning, you can put someone else on. But if you’re Fox, and Newt is moving and talking today, you got to have him. Otherwise, your people are like, ‘Where’s Newt? Why isn’t he on my channel?’ ”

Fox also had to compete with CNN for pundits. In early 2008, then–CNN-U.S. president Jon Klein invited Mike Huckabee to breakfast at the Time Warner Center. Klein sold Huckabee on the benefits of CNN. “If you believe what you’re saying, you should try and convince the middle,” Klein told him. It was the same pitch he made later to Karl Rove and to Weekly Standard writer Stephen Hayes. All three turned down Klein and signed with Fox.

I mean, that’s just so cynical. Fox didn’t hire Rove and Huckabee and Palin because they believe in what they have to say, they hired them to corner the market on conservative punditry, the way ESPN has cornered the market on sports coverage.

The problem is, politics is not the same as pro sports. Peoples’ lives aren’t affected depending on who wins the Super Bowl or the World Series. You can turn NBA basketball and even college basketball into a commodity and it really doesn’t matter much. But when you’ve turned news, information and politics into a commodity, packaged and sold like so much laundry detergent, well, there are repercussions. This stuff actually affects peoples’ lives. When you take down ACORN because you’re trying to boost your network’s profits, it affects real people who depended on those services. When you start a war to boost your network’s profits, real people die. Real people are affected by the failure to create jobs, close GITMO, tackle climate change, or to fund women’s health clinics. These are stories which were manipulated on Fox News not because they believed them but because Roger Ailes wanted to make his network more profitable in the Age of Obama so he tacked hard-right and scooped up all the hardcore talent who were and are conservatism’s political stars.

And CNN and MSNBC all did the same thing. Hell, they all do it, to some degree or another. If you wonder why a liberal can’t get booked on a Sunday morning rountable show, it’s because it’s not profitable. And the really tragic thing about it is, information matters! It really, really does! But it’s not being treated responsibly by the people in charge. It’s just academic to them. It’s just a point of profit.

Once upon a time, the network’s news divisions were loss-leaders. They didn’t make money but they gave a network credibility, and the money was made on “The Brady Bunch” and “Adam 12” and “Charlie’s Angels.” But those days are long gone. The networks no longer have credibility, certainly not the ones on cable, which are wholly for-profit ventures.

Remember a few weeks ago when I wrote this post about Glenn Beck being a GOP liability? Even I wasn’t entirely sure I was right. But damn, I hit it on the money, didn’t I? Remember when we wondered why Glenn Beck would debunk James O’Keefe’s NPR “sting” which was endlesslessly flogged on Fox? Turns out that was just another little squabble in the Beck-Fox News family fight. I mean, never mind that actual policy decisions were being made based on this stuff. For crying out loud, the U.S. Congress very nearly defunded NPR based on the public manipulation resulting from Fox’s internal fights.

And this is the danger which viewers and people in Washington need to get, and get fast: it’s all Kabuki Theater. It’s all manipulation. None of it is real. Don’t make any policy decisions based on what you see or hear in the media. Don’t even base your vote on what you hear or see in the media. Because it’s completely unreliable. Every bit of it could be a lie or manipulation designed wholly to boost the profits of the corporation which owns the broadcaster.

Information is crucial to making informed decisions, but we can no longer trust the messenger. Where this leaves us, I don’t know. We certainly have to work three times as hard to get a clear picture about what’s going on in our world.

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Paranoia The Destroyer

As if we needed further proof that a key requirement to being a prominent conservative is acute paranoia, Roger Ailes gives us a shining example:

In 2008, Roger Ailes purchased the Putnam County News and Recorder in rustic Putnam County, New York to start feathering his retirement nest. The idea was that he and Elizabeth would retire to their 9,000-square-foot redoubt in nearby Garrison, N.Y., and Roger would live out his days as the gentleman publisher of a sleepy small-town newspaper. (He bought another paper, the Putnam County Courier, a year later.)

But it was not to be. Ailes—who installed Elizabeth as the day-to-day manager of the papers while he finishes his tenure at Fox News Channel—has run the papers with the singularly paranoid and abusive management style he brings to all his projects, resulting in the defection of his hand-picked editor and two top reporters earlier this month after Ailes told them he’d had them followed, and their private conversations surveilled, to catch them saying mean things about him. The spying followed years of intense weirdness between the editor and the Aileses, who once asked him to personally stop a break-in at their home and who implied that, after Roger’s death, he’d be expected to replace him in their marriage.

Go read the whole piece because, believe it or not, it gets weirder.

Though Ailes’ alleged surveillance is bizarre, it’s worth noting that NewsCorp is in trouble in the U.K. over a phone hacking scandal. Not quite the same as the Ailes story — these were NewsCorp’s News Of The World editors hacking the voicemail of celebrities so they could gather tabloid dirt. Ailes appears to have been indulging in a private sociopathy. But still, what is with the conservative jones for playing spy?


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>Fox News Lies




Palm trees in Madison, Wisconsin?? Green leaves on trees in March?

And they wondered why people shouted “Fox News Lies!” at them. Really, Mike Tobin? Really?

Yes, this would be the very same Mike Tobin whose specious claims of being “punched” by a union thug were neatly debunked with this video. It’s the ol’ “shoulder tap of death.” Ow ow ow!

We know Fox News are not honest brokers, they lie and doctor video footage and switch poll numbers to make them say what they want them to and take quotes out of context and repeat GOP press releases verbatim and commit all manner of sins against journalism because they are not journalists, they are partisans with a political agenda. Yet they continue to be treated as journalists, by the White House Correspondents Assn. and President Obama himself. Enough, already. Seriously, what the hell is wrong with you people?

This will get written off as just another minor error committed by an overzealous staffer. Feh. Meanwhile, Judith Regan announces that Fox News Chairman Roger Ailes told her to lie about her affair with Bernie Kerik to protect Rudy Giuliani’s presidential ambitions — a claim she says she can back up with an audio recording. Oh, my.

Yes, this rotten carcass of a news organization stinks from the head down. Not a shocker, of course. But one wonders how much longer this propaganda machine can keep up the charade or, more importantly, how much longer everyone else in the media will keep up the pretense, as well. I mean really: don’t you folks take pride in your work? In your industry? It’s almost like the rest of the media universe is purposely pretending that Fox is a legitimate media outlet, but why?

Every broadcast minute Fox shits on the Fourth Estate. They delegitimize an entire industry. They tell the world, and American viewers in particular, that the news media is an industry akin to used car salesmen and bail bondsmen. I don’t for the life of me understand why people like Brian Williams and Diane Sawyer and Katie Couric and Christiane Amanpour and the rest don’t kick folks like Mike Tobin out of the club. Don’t they understand that claiming to be “punched” when you were tapped on the shoulder and cutting in video footage of some other event at some other time and place to give the erroneous perception that union thugs are running amok in Madison Wisconsin is a serious breach of journalistic ethics? And when Fox News does it, that tarnishes everyone? Don’t y’all see that?

I guess not.

I really don’t get it.


This nails it:

If the events in Wisconsin prove one thing, it is that the mainstream media has become journalistically irrelevant when it comes to national issues and coverage. Broadcast media is incapable of explaining anything outside a macropatriotic framework and has proven allergic to anything that puts off even the slightest whiff of the class warfare that scares away big-market advertorial. Meanwhile, the other side is cable news’ partisan echo chamber of regurgitated self-assurance, where no blow is too low and no fact needs sourcing before being leveraged to make a prearranged point. Cable news reporting on Wisconsin is like going to a whorehouse and then bragging to your buddies about this girl you seduced.

Our corporate media is now irrelevant. And it’s not the fault of foul-mouthed bloggers.


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Time To Play Glenn Beck Off?

I don’t think this from the Weekly Standard’s Bill Kristol is a random piece of conservative opinion:

But hysteria is not a sign of health. When Glenn Beck rants about the caliphate taking over the Middle East from Morocco to the Philippines, and lists (invents?) the connections between caliphate-promoters and the American left, he brings to mind no one so much as Robert Welch and the John Birch Society. He’s marginalizing himself, just as his predecessors did back in the early 1960s.

Bill Kristol is one of those intellectually dishonest neocons of whom I’ve said, repeatedly, that he’s been wrong about everything since forever. I happen to think if Bill Kristol had an original thought it would die of loneliness, by which I mean, he doesn’t come up with these ideas by himself. I think some serious seeds are being planted within the Republican Party to shove Beck out the door.

Why? Well, I have long suspected Glenn Beck would become a liability for conservatives, sooner rather than later. He was a very useful tool in rallying the partisan base for the midterms, but a presidential election requires an appeal to more mainstream voters. That requires a less divisive approach and in that regard, Beck is a liability.

Last week I saw this item about Prince Al-Waleed bin Talal, who has a 7% stake in NewsCorp. Al-Waleed bin Talal is the billionaire Saudi financier who is nephew to King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia. I guess he’s been able to overlook all of the Muslim-bashing Beck and other FOX News folks have been engaged in all these years. But now it appears he’s getting a little nervous about his investment. In the U.K. a Murdoch-owned British tabloid is embroiled in a major phone-hacking scandal which took down the Prime Minister’s director of communications and threatens a major deal to acquire BSkyB; Stateside, Beck’s increasingly unhinged rantings offend American rabbis and tarnish the NewsCorp brand:

Those familiar with bin Talal, who has given tens of millions of dollars to charities seeking to bridge gaps between western and Islamic communities, say he will have been dismayed by any whiff of controversy threatening his business interests.

“He is an incredibly intelligent man and deeply honourable; you can only speculate about what he must be thinking now,” said an acquaintance.

Coming at a time when News Corp wants regulatory approval to take over British satellite broadcaster BSkyB, both the phone-hacking scandal and the row with the rabbis are damaging not only to the company’s reputation but its bottom line.


Worryingly for Murdoch, who is used to his investors taking a back seat, the prince is a far from passive backer. As a sizable investor in bombed-out banking giant Citigroup, bin Talal has been vocal in calling for its management to improve the firm’s fortunes, warning its chief executive last year that the “honeymoon was over”.

I have to think that Beck is far too big a liability for both Republicans’ political aspirations and Murdoch’s business aspirations to hang around much longer. It will be interesting to see if I’m right.

I also find it curious that the U.S. media has done so little coverage of Rupert Murdoch’s UK woes, considering what a navel-gazing bunch our American media is. Anderson Cooper gets bonked on the head and it’s headline news from coast to coast. And you know darn well if MSNBC were in this kind of trouble, FOX would be all over it.

Anyway, I wouldn’t be surprised if Beck’s fortunes took a sudden turn south. And when that happens, I’m sure liberals will get the blame — some cockamamie story will be concocted to allow conservatives to continue to demonize the left and keep the anger and rancor alive.

(h/t DougJ at Balloon Juice.)


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>Holiday Hilarity, TDS-Style

>The Daily Show traces the history of the War On Christmas as only they can, starring Roger Ailes as The Grinch. Hilarious!

<td style='padding:2px 1px 0px 5px;' colspan='2'The Gretch Who Saved the War on Christmas
The Daily Show With Jon Stewart Mon – Thurs 11p / 10c
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>Jet Packs, Bitches!


‘Fox and Friends’ falls for ruse alleging purchase of $1 billion of jetpacks for LAPD, Fire Department

October 5, 2010 |  5:10 pm

Anchors at the Fox News national morning news show “Fox and Friends” reported Tuesday that the city of Los Angeles had ordered 10,000 jetpacks for its police and fire departments. The price tag: a whopping $100,000 per unit.

For those doing the math at home, the cash-strapped city of Los Angeles, which is regularly sending its police detectives home because it can’t pay all their overtime, allegedly shelled out a billion dollars on space-age transportation that it has never used in an emergency situation, much less tested.

“We certainly haven’t bought any jetpacks,” said LAPD Chief Charlie Beck. “We haven’t bought [squad] cars for two years.”

As was the first to note, the “Fox and Friends” report appeared to contain material taken right out of a story from the Weekly World News tabloid, which bills itself as “The World’s Only Reliable New Source.”

Hilarious! Last week we learned of James O’Keefe’s failed attempt to punk CNN, meanwhile it appears Fox News snapped up this bogus tabloid story. What next: Bat Boy for president?

CNN wasted no time poking fun at its rival:

A favorite meme among liberal bloggers is that we were all promised jet packs back in the day of bold futuristic fantasizing. Thus the schadenfreude is especially delicious this morning.


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>And When They Say “Friends” They Really Mean It

>Want a national TV interview where you’re guaranteed of being presented like the greatest thing since sliced bread? Fox & Friends is the place for you–as long as your agent is co-host Gretchen Carlson’s husband:

What was left unsaid was that Carlson’s husband is Jeter’s agent, Casey Close. This interview was such a transparent puff piece lauding Jeter’s current professional status that he should have paid a fee for it to be broadcast. But in the world of Fox News, conflict of interest is business as usual. A reputable news organization would not permit such a transgression, and would punish any employee who engaged in it. But Fox is already knee deep in ethical conflicts via their association with the Republican Party. Remember, they are the network that broadcast GOP talking points straight from the party’s own memo – typos and all.

And we wonder how the media elevated Tiger Woods to the status of God.

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