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>Bet She Won’t Try THAT Again

>Newscoma had a hilarious post up Saturday about “cannibalistic advertising.” You know, those cute food mascots like the scrappy Frosted Mini-Wheats (including “Mr. Mini Wheat”), who brag about how they provide such a nutritious breakfast for their human, right before he chomps them to bits and washes them down with milk.

Just, ewww. Never understood why advertising agencies thought putting a human face on food was a good idea. Kind of flies in the face of tens of thousands of years of human taboos, guys.

Anyway, with that in mind I happened across this hilarious LSD propaganda film. What does this have to do with cannibalistic advertising? Just watch, you’ll see:

With that in mind, the holiday is over and I’m retreating back into my hole. Hope to be finished with my project in a couple weeks.

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>Spell Check Nation

>Bobbie’s Dairy Dip, Nashville, TN, September 2009:

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>Here I Am


Guess where I am?

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>The Birther Conspiracy

>The best conspiracy EVER! How could it possibly fail?

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>Now I’ve Seen Everything

Snuggie Pub Crawls??

Even in NASHVILLE????

Okay, when I said I wouldn’t be caught dead wearing one of these, I was talking about in my living room. I never imagined you wacky kids today would turn this into some kind of uniform for drunken frat boys. Y’all look like you’re members of a cult.

When you start handing out tracts about Snuggieism I’m gonna head for the hills.


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>"Majority, Here We Come!"

>SNL’s skit about the politically tone-deaf and disconnected Republican caucus was just brilliant. Someone must have hidden a mic in John Boehner’s office. Enjoy :

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>He Was Framed, I Tell Ya! Framed!

>Apologies to Molly Bish and family but this is a hilarious news blooper:

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>The WTF Blanket

>Jim Voorhies sent me this because I made fun of the Snuggie during Christmas.

It’s absolutely hilarious.

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>Only In Utah

>I don’t understand Utah. Let some gays in California get married and it’s the end of the world as we know it, but they don’t have a problem holding a funeral for a toilet:

On Friday at 10 a.m., the Carl’s Jr. restaurant in Centerville will have a “moment of silence” for the potty that was destroyed last week when a patron’s handgun fell out of the holster and fired as he was hitching up his pants.


Employees at the restaurant, 385 N. 800 West, will hand out bottles of Kaboom® Bowl Blaster toilet cleaner to the first 50 funeral attendees, he said, as “it was the toilet’s favorite.”


Y’all in Utah need to get out more. Just sayin’ …

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>Those Wacky Kids

>San Francisco’s famous Bush Street got a makeover yesterday.


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