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Congratulations, Theresa Steward! You’re Our 2nd Amendment Hero Du Jour

Responsible Nashville gun owner responsibly waves a gun during an argument with her fiance, responsibly accidentally fires it as she’s trying to holster it. Nearly kills child. Ta da!

Officials with the Metro Nashville Police Department said 26-year-old Theresa Steward and her fiancé were arguing Friday night in the driveway of their home on Blairfield Drive.

During the course of the fight, investigators said Steward pulled out her pistol.

After things cooled off, she was pulling the gun back into its holster when it went off. The bullet went flying out of her car and shattered the window of a nearby vehicle.

A child happened to be in that car. Officials said the child was not hit with the bullet, but glass from the shattered window got into the child’s eye.

Welcome to Nashville, NRA! Your good work here is done.


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No Relation


SORRY if you snoozed, you loozed … Netflix has pulled the video.
Hilarious video on gun control from Aussie comedian Jim Jefferies — whose real last name, according to Wikipedia, is Nugent.

This is so spot-on, I had to share it. Also, I’m going to be out of pocket for a few days.


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Congratulations, Jon Holzwarth! You Are Our 2nd Amendment Hero Du Jour


In answer to my question at the bottom of this item, which was originally posted back in November:

Holzwarth’s mother in-law told investigators that a couple of days before the shooting she dropped off several trigger locks and encouraged him to secure his guns. Holzwarth allegedly told the woman that he was not going to lock up his Ruger .380 because he needed it for protection, court papers said. Detectives found the locks still in packaging when they searched the scene after the shooting.

This irresponsible idiot has now been charged with reckless endangerment. I certainly hope so.


Jon Holzwarth, serial offender:

LAKE STEVENS, Wash. — The parents of a 3-year-old boy who was accidentally shot in the face by a 4-year-old neighbor had argued about access to guns at their home, court records show.


The boy’s mother had filed a protection order against the father in January 2013, saying he left a gun in a nightstand and in a car with children. In a divorce filing, he accused her of leaving a handgun in her purse. Both denied the accusations and said they were responsible gun owners, The Seattle Times reported Monday.

The protection order was dismissed a few weeks later due to insufficient evidence of domestic violence, the newspaper reported.


Responsible gun owner/prominent 2nd Amendment “gun rights” advocate Jon Holzwarth was babysitting his three-year-old son and his neighbor’s four-year-old grandson when a totally responsible thing happened: his son somehow was shot in the mouth. Imagine that:

According to Snohomish County deputies, the shooting happened in a bedroom that was locked.

Holzwarth told them he heard a loud boom and ran to the bedroom where his son, Michael, and his neighbor’s 4-year-old grandson were playing.

He forced the locked door open and initially thought his son had gotten hurt that way.

At Providence Everett Medical Center, doctors discovered the boy had been shot in the mouth.

He was airlifted to Harborview Medical Center in Seattle.

No one answered at Holzwarth’s door where a sign reads: “We don’t dial 9-1-1″ with a metal cutout of a pistol dangling below.

There were also emblems about guns on his Jeep.

On Saturday, his son was struggling to survive from a gunshot wound — a tragic irony not lost on his neighbor.

Oh, yes. The irony. I’m sure Holzwarth’s guns protected his family dozens and dozens of times before this tragic incident, though.

Here’s Holzwarth in happier times, protesting a ban on guns in parks in Snohomish County:

“When seconds count and police are minutes away, you need people like me who are mentally stable and know how to handle a gun,” said John Holzwarth, of Lake Stevens. “We need to be out there, in your park, in your theater, in your stadium.”

Yeah, I’m thinking …. no. This is indeed a sad story, and I hope young Michael recovers and dad learns a lesson or two about “responsible gun ownership”: namely, that there is no such thing. Guns in the home are an accident waiting to happen:

According to a report filed by the Washington State Department of Social Health Services, a child or teen is killed once every seven and a half hours with a gun, either by accident or by suicide. In 72 percent of these cases, the firearm used was housed in the victim’s own residence. Many of these weapons were locked away in a secure place, yet 48 percent of those who own guns do not equip them with child safety and trigger locks.

I’d just love to know if Holzwarth believes in trigger locks and other modern technology designed to prevent what happened to his son?


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Priorities, Tennessee-Style

Here’s a good reality check from Democratic State Senator Jeff Yarbro, whose district is in Nashville. He makes the point that I’ve been making for years: Tennessee is so gun-friendly, arms manufacturers like Beretta are actually moving their operations here! So what the heck is everyone whining about with this rash of unnecessary gun bills currently before our legislature? Why are we taking up valuable time, energy and oxygen on stuff that really isn’t that important? The gun people already think we’re wonderful, we’re so awesome we’ve got the dang NRA coming here by the tens of thousands in three weeks. Guys, they got the message. We love guns. ’nuff said.

Meanwhile, we’re at the bottom of nearly every national list you want to be at the top of: education, healthcare, etc. This makes no sense but it’s awfully reminiscent of when the Republicans took over our legislature and immediately began focusing like a laser on lady parts and rooting out Sharia Law in public bathrooms. Tennessee Republicans clearly want to work on the easy stuff while letting the real challenges people here face go unaddressed.


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Tennessee Gun Report

Been a while since I’ve done one of these — I just don’t have time to troll the local papers like I used to. That said, now is possibly the worst time for me to be slacking on the gun report: Nashville is preparing to hit Peak Wingnut as the NRA has its annual convention here in April, and Republican presidential hopefuls will arrive to fellate pay their respects to the gun loon crowd. It’s gonna be a fun week. Not. Of course, to make the gun loons feel fully welcome, there is a major push on to loosen all gun laws in advance of their arrival. The governor is not amused.

Meanwhile, the number of handgun permits in the state of Tennessee has exploded. Nationally, gun ownership continues to decline, despite an increase in gun sales: this tells us that the hard-core true believers are stockpiling weapons while the rest of us are getting on with our lives. I’d be worried about this militarization of the crayzee contingent save for their propensity to fulfill Darwin’s Law. And without further ado:

• March 12, 2015:

1- That push to loosen gun laws in Tennessee I mentioned above? Here’s an update: an attempt to end the carry permit requirement in Tennessee failed to pass out of committee. Bullet, um, dodged.

2- A responsible gun owner responsibly forgot all about their loaded gun inside their carry-on bag at the Nashville International Airport. It’s the 13th gun found at BNA by TSA agents so far this year.

• March 11, 2015:

1- Memphis police were called to a domestic dispute involving a father and his mentally-ill son, which ended predictably: the police shot and killed the mentally ill, gun-brandishing son.

The man who called police said he was involved in an argument with his intoxicated son who has a history of mental illness.

When they arrived, 31-year-old James Greenwell was sitting on the front porch with a gun. Police say he had already fired a shot at the house before they got to the scene.

As officers tried to get Greenwell surrender, he began firing shots. Three officers returned fire, striking Greenwell. He was pronounced dead on the scene. Nobody else was injured.

You know, people: if there is anyone in your family with mental illness, get rid of the fucking guns. Just, don’t even do it. Jesus Christ, how fucking hard is that to understand?

2- Here’s an update of an item that appeared in the gun report last October: a Murfreesboro man has plead guilty in the accidental shooting death of his cousin. The incident happened in Pennsylvania:

Authorities said the two had come to Wyomissing to repair hailstorm-damaged vehicles. They said the victim had gone into a bedroom and begun jumping on a mattress to wake the defendant, who then brought out the gun to scare him.

You can guess what happened next.

• March 10, 2015:

A Kingsport grandfather pointed a shotgun at his 9-day-old grandchild while confronting his “bully” stepson. Why do I get the feeling a trailer park was involved?

• March 7, 2015:

An 11-year-old Nashville boy was charged with murder in the accidental shooting death of his 15-year-old friend:

An 11-year-old has been charged with his death. Detectives said the 11-year-old told them he was playing with a gun he had found when it went off and hit Ziegler.

Saturday, those in the neighborhood said this tragedy was a wakeup call for the community.

The incident happened on a day when Nashville’s gun-free schools were closed because of the snow. Remind me again how unsafe these gun-free zones are. I’m all ears.

And let me just say: we’re charging the 11-year-old? The 11-year-old? Not the adult who owned the gun? Is this coming from our new District Attorney, the guy who campaigned on the slogan that he “knows the difference between a bad person and a good kid in trouble”?

• March 3, 2015:

A 3-year-old in Coffee County shot his 18-month-old brother in the head. UPDATE: a grand jury will take up the case in April to determine if charges should be filed.

• March 1, 2015:

The Maryville restaurant and bar which made international news for encouraging handgun owners with a “Firearms Welcome” sign went out of business. Apparently competition from a nearby Bojangle’s was the last straw. Also, taxes, gummint and probably Obummer.

• February 19, 2015:

In Nashville, an argument escalated and because everyone is always armed, the predictable happened:

The incident was reported Wednesday afternoon in front of Fire House Subs on Charlotte Pike.

Officials with the Metro Nashville Police Department said an unidentified man was sitting alone in the outside eating area when 28-year-old Labrian Lyons drove up to meet him about a loan. The two men ended arguing inside the car and at one point, fell out of the passenger door.

Just after 2:30 p.m., shots were fired and Lyons was apparently struck in the leg and arm. The unidentified man drove off in the car.

I shop at this shopping center all the time; it’s where the CostCo is located. I keep saying this but the country’s gun craziness will only stop when people start staying home from shopping malls because they don’t want to be around the armed and irresponsible.

• February 11, 2015:

A Springfield man accidentally shot himself in the stomach, then blamed it on a fictitious assailant.


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Congratulations, Unidentified VA Woman! You’re Our 2nd Amendment Hero Du Jour

Yes, do tell me how safe concealed-carry is. I’m all ears:

Franklin County Sheriff’s Office officials say a woman was shot in both legs and her boyfriend shot through his hand after her gun went off in her purse Saturday afternoon.

Lt. Phillip Young said the woman’s Glock went off while the couple sat in a vehicle outside a residence in the 1400 block of Virgil H. Goode Highway in Bassett about 3:30 p.m. The man, who was in the driver’s seat, put a drink can in the woman’s purse before putting his hand on her leg .

“[The bullet] went through his hand, through one of her legs near the knee area and then hit her other knee,” Young said. “Her pocketbook was full of stuff. It’s hard to say what made it go off.”

Both the man and the woman were taken to Carilion Franklin Memorial Hospital. Their names, ages and conditions were not available Saturday evening.

Officials are investigating what caused the gun’s discharge, Young said. No charges were filed Saturday.

“Her pocketbook was full of stuff.” Yeah, that’s kinda how we ladies roll. But it’s not like those purse-holsters are any safer. And thank God she wasn’t packing heat in her bra.

And some idiots in our state legislature want to allow guns everywhere in Tennessee to pander to the NRA before they come to Nashville next month. So awesome. Beam me the fuck outta here.


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Just Another “Freak Accident” I’m Sure

An immigrant from war-torn Iraq, newly married and in Dallas for only 20 days, thought he’d take pictures of his first snowfall. Just like anybody might.

It would be a fatal decision:

Newlywed From Iraq Fatally Shot While Taking Pics After Seeing Snow For First Time

A newlywed taking photos of his first snowfall was killed in an apparent random gun firing in Dallas Thursday, less than a month after he moved to the United States from Iraq, police and family said.

“He just bought a car,” the victim’s father-in-law Mohammed Al Taae said. “[He was] trying to find a decent job to start his life.”

Witnesses told police that a group of men was randomly firing a gun near the 9900 block of Walnut Street at about 12:30 a.m. Thursday when 36-year-old Ahmed Al-Jumaili was shot.

Police said Al-Jumaili was in a nearby parking lot taking pictures of the snow at the time.

This story reminds me a lot of this one, also involving an immigrant from Iraq, this one a new U.S. citizen visiting a tourist town in Georgia. Just an unfortunate accident, of course. It is unfathomable to me that someone who has escaped the horrors of their war-ravaged country to start a new life in America could be cut down doing something as mundane as visiting a tourist town or taking pictures of their first snowfall.

Texas has been in the news a lot lately for gun negligence: three children in Houston, a 14-year-old in Ft. Worth yesterday fatally shot by his 24-year-old friend, and this one, described as “a young adult,” injured but not seriously. All of this as Texas debates allowing guns in even more places.

Because allowing guns almost everywhere is working so well for you guys now. I mean, just do the body count.


This is abject stupidity.


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