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It’s Mitt

Wow, seems like only three weeks ago Sarah Palin was telling her supporters she’d continue to mull a presidential run if they’d just send her more money. Oh wait, it was.

Well, she’s not running. Suckaz!

It’s been really funny to watch Republicans search vainly for someone — anyone — else to hang their hopes on. But, sadly, y’all are stuck with Mitt. You’d think after this latest Chris Christie hilarity he’d have got the message: they really don’t like you! But he feels it’s his turn, so there you go.

I am amused at the great irony that is the Mitt Romney candidacy. As anti-corporate Wall Street protests spread across the country, the Republican Party is stuck with the founder of a private equity firm as its candidate. Can’t get more out of touch than that.

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No Doubt Just As The Founding Fathers Intended


Gosh I hate it when I’m right about this stuff.


Really, until we fix shit like this, there’s no point in doing anything, as far as I can tell:

Firm gives $1 million to pro-Romney group, then dissolves
Records offer no clues who was behind mystery company that donated to ‘super PAC’

By Michael Isikoff

A mystery company that pumped $1 million into a political committee backing Mitt Romney has been dissolved just months after it was formed, leaving few clues as to who was behind one of the biggest contributions yet of the 2012 presidential campaign.

The existence of the million-dollar donation — as gleaned from campaign and corporate records obtained by NBC News — provides a vivid example of how secret campaign cash is being funneled in ever more circuitous ways into the political system.

The company, W Spann LLC, was formed in March by a Boston lawyer who specializes in estate tax planning for “high net worth individuals,” according to corporate records and the lawyer’s bio on her firm’s website.

The corporate records provide no information about the owner of the firm, its address or its type of business.

Six weeks later, W Spann LLC made its million-dollar donation to Restore Our Future — a new so-called “super PAC” started by a group of former Romney political aides to boost the former Massachusetts governor’s presidential bid. It listed its address as being in a midtown Manhattan office building that has no record of such a tenant.

The Boston lawyer, Cameron Casey, dissolved the company on July 12 — two weeks before Restore Our Future made its first campaign filing of the year reporting the donation from the now-nonexistent company, the corporate records show.

Well, isn’t that just peachy. Nothing to see here … move along:

According to records obtained by NBC, W Spann LLC filed a “certificate of formation” with the Delaware Secretary of State’s Office on March 15, but provided no further information about its owners or type of business. The only address listed was that of a Wilmington registered agent service, Corporation Service Co., which provides such services for many companies. The company declines as a matter of policy to answer any questions about its clients, according to one of its agents.

W Spann then made its million-dollar contribution on April 28 and filed a “certificate of cancellation” on July 11, effectively dissolving as a corporate entity, the records show.

The “authorized person” that filed the W Spann LLC incorporation papers and then canceled them was Casey, the Boston estate tax planner lawyer, who specializes in “wealth transfer strategies” as an associate in Ropes & Gray’s Private Client Group’s trust and estate practice for high end clients, according to her biography on the Ropes & Gray’s website.

One of the Rope & Gray’s longtime clients is Bain Capital, the investment firm formerly headed by Romney. It is also one of a number of major companies — including UBS, IBM and Cemex — that have offices at 590 Madison, the address listed for W Spann.

AH. Maybe something to see here, after all. If I didn’t know better, I’d say Romney’s former company, Bain Capital, just made a $1 million donation to its founder’s presidential campaign, and it did so very secretively. That’s like Halliburton funding Dick Cheney’s campaign, or Pilot Oil funding Bill Haslam’s. That’s the problem with these CEO politicians, if you ask me: they are invariably doing the bidding of their company. It’s the United States of IBM, Oh Beautiful For Spacious ExxonMobil, From WalMart to Shining WalMart.

So, we’re off to the races, folks. The next year should be fun, fun, fun.

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>Mortgage Meltdown Mugs Mitt


The victims of the latest hedge-fund meltdown on Wall Street include at least one well-known name: Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney.

The former Massachusetts governor, who wrapped up a victory in Iowa’s symbolic GOP “straw poll” over the weekend, is among the investors hit by the crisis at the Goldman Sachs Global Equity Opportunities fund. That fund needed a $3 billion emergency cash injection to stay afloat this week after losing more than one-third of its value in the market turmoil after the subprime mortgage collapse.

Romney’s financial-disclosure form for his presidential run reveals he has a substantial stake in the fund.
The precise size of Romney’s investment in the Goldman fund isn’t revealed in his filings because the form gives just a range of values and not exact amounts. Based on the range, Romney’s investment in the fund is at least $1 million and could be much higher.

The article also points out that presidential candidates have “come to depend on the largesse of Wall Street and the real estate industry,” which leaves me to wonder what if any impact this financial crisis will have on presidential campaigns.

I’d also like to remind everyone that as the stock market continues to sink, there were some people–not me–who advocated investing people’s Social Security in this volatile place. And all I can say is, thank God we don’t have a bunch of retirees who just lost everything in a stock market crash.

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>Republican Chickenhawks v2.0

>If you liked Vice President Dick Cheney’s ”I had other priorities” excuse for dodging the Vietnam War, then you’ll love Mitt Romney’s idea of service to our country. Asked why none of his five sons are in the military, Romney claimed:

“One of the ways my sons are showing support for our nation is helping me get elected because they think I’d be a great president.”

Good lord, the arrogance of that sentence leaves me speechless. We already have a president who is stumped when asked to find something, anything, he did wrong as president. Do we really need someone who thinks helping get him elected is as noble a sacrifice as wearing the country’s uniform?

At least these members of “generation Chickenhawk” have a slightly less half-baked excuse for not serving in the war they so ardently support: “I got a scholarship,” “I’m in school,” “I have knee problems,” “I’m more career oriented,” etc.

(h/t, Atrios)

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Mitt Romney Flop-Flips

Back when I was a single, I had a girlfriend tell me that if you just listened carefully enough, a guy would tell you everything about himself in the first two hours.

She was absolutely right. So often we hear what we want to hear, not what a person is actually saying. Once I learned to actually listen, I found my wonderful husband.

I think choosing political candidates is very similar. Let’s look at Mitt Romney, shall we? Here’s a tasty bit from his interview with CNN’s John Roberts yesterday:

ROBERTS: You have said or at least intimated that, look, I changed my mind, people should move on. They should allow me to change my mind.

ROMNEY: No. I’m saying, I changed my mind, and you can look at my record as governor, and you can see in my record as governor that I have consistently been pro-life. Every piece of legislation that dealt with life…

ROBERTS: Even though you were effectively pro-choice?

ROMNEY: You know, as governor, all the decisions I made as governor and all the bills that came to my desk were — I came down on the side of life. So when I ran for office, I was effectively pro- choice. I didn’t call myself pro-choice, but I said I would keep the law the way it was. But the first time as governor that I saw a piece of legislation that dealt with life, I came down on the side of life.

Got that, kids? Mitt is saying that he ran for Governor as a pro-choice candidate, but once in office, his actions were anti-choice. In other words, for those of us listening, he’s telling us he will say whatever is necessary to get elected.

So those of you who are anti-choice, better pay attention. Those of you who are pro-choice Republicans–and I do believe you are out there, in the millions–better pay attention. We don’t know what Mitt Romney believes about abortion or any other issue because as he just told us, he will say whatever he thinks he needs to say to get elected.

Stuff like this is what gets Democrats labeled as opportunists and flip-floppers. I eagerly await the return of the flip-flop sandals distributed by the Bush campaign and MSM stories like CBS’ ”Kerry’s Top 10 Flip-Flops”–this time directed at Mitt Romney.

Oh, wait, I forgot, IOKIYAR.


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