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Buh-Bye Pat Buchanan

Cripes but this took long enough:

Conservative commentator Pat Buchanan has been suspended indefinitely from MSNBC, according to a statement from that network’s President Phil Griffin. An Associated Press article on blames reaction to Buchanan’s latest book Suicide of a Superpower for his ouster from the cable network, as well as a campaign by the advocacy group, Color of Change.

Good riddance, you senile old crank. I’m sure once the 2012 election is over and Fox News stops pretending it’s a sober, serious news organization to appeal to normal people, it will find a place for Buchananas. Hey, Glenn Beck’s slot is open.

Apparently the last straw was Buchanan’s racist, Muslim-bashing new book, which I wrote about here.

Pat Buchanan is a serial offender, whose offensive statements against immigrants, black people, Muslims, gays and women have been so egregious and so numerous, we’ve long supposed he has evidence of NBC executives with rent boys and call girls, else he’d have been fired long ago. Guess he lost the negatives.

So, see ya Pat. In a fond farewell, I bring you a medley of Buchanan’s greatest hits, courtesy of Media Matters for America. It’s a cornucopia of shrill, a veritable festival of fearmongering about illegal immigrants outbreeding everyone else, hatred of gays and Hillary Clinton, and boosterism for war with Iran.

Looking at this list of offensive writings, commentary and comments, it’s a miracle Buchanan has been on the air spreading his hate and bigotry this long. Please, MSNBC: unplug this bigot’s mic for good.


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Pat Buchanan Is Also Still A Racist Old Crank

I have just one question after reading this from Pat Buchanan: now will MSNBC fire him?

If demography is destiny, the future would seem to belong to Islam.

Consider. The six most populous Muslim nations — Bangladesh, Egypt, Indonesia, Pakistan, Nigeria and Turkey — had a total population of 242 million in 1950. By 2050, that 242 million will have quintupled to 1.36 billion people.

Meanwhile, Europe’s fertility rate has been below zero population growth since the 1970s. Old Europe is dying, and its indigenous peoples are being replaced by Third World immigrants, millions of them Muslim.

Yet there is another side to the Islamic story.

In international test scores of high school students in reading, math and science, not one Muslim nation places in the top 30. Take away oil and gas, and from Algeria to Iran these nations would have little to offer the world. Iran would have to fall back on exports of carpets, caviar and pistachio nuts.

Not one Muslim nation is a member of the G-8 economic powers or the BRIC-four emerging powers — Brazil, Russia, India, China.

In the 20th century, the world saw the rise of the Asian “tigers” — South Korea, Taiwan, Singapore, Hong Kong. Where are the Muslim tigers?

A few years back, the gross domestic product of the entire Arab world was only equal to Spain’s. Take away oil and gas, and its exports were equal to Finland’s.

Measured by manufacturing power, the Islamic world, though more populous, cannot hold a candle to China. And while Islam was a civilization superior in some ways to the West from the 7th to 17th century, somewhere that world began to stagnate and decline.

So the question arises: If Islamism is capturing Libya, Tunisia and Egypt, and will capture other Muslim nations as the Arab Spring advances, where is the historic evidence that these Islamic regimes can convert their states into manufacturing and military powers?

I guess Islam just somehow makes people intellectually inferior and less industrious, right Pat? That’s the ONLY reason to explain the global lack of “Muslim tigers” and manufacturing power and high school test scores? (If that’s the case, how do you explain American students’ poor test performance? We don’t rank in the top 30 in math, either. Oh wait, I know! I know! Let’s blame black people!) Yes, let’s ignore the fact that the Muslim world produces the juice that keeps the globe turning and once you excise that major economic factor, why sure, Muslims look like a bunch of nomads dragging camels through the sand. Riiiight.

Dear MSNBC, there has been a racist old bigot in your midst for years. As long as you employ that man you have zero credibility, no matter how many Rachel Maddows you add to the payroll.

Sorry, I realize this is not the typical touching and heartwarming Christmas post. But I’ve already done a couple of those this year. I didn’t see any attention paid to Buchanan’s latest bit of Muslim fearmongering, and I thought someone should speak up.

Merry Christmas. Sorry for the turd under the tree.


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MSNBC’s Pat Buchanan Problem

Warning: troll stench in the discussion queue is thanks to a link I got on a wingnut blog. Nice of everyone to come to the defense of Pat Buchanan and racists in general but I’m *this* close to cutting off comments on this thread.


It’s always a shock to remember that the “liberal” MSNBC has this guy on the payroll.

Seriously, I can’t respect any network or any of the talking heads who appear on it — and yes, Rachel Maddow and Rev. Al, I’m talking to you — as long as this racist bigot is given a platform every week.

Folks have long speculated that Pat Buchanan has photos of MSNBC honchos in compromising positions with hookers and blow. There can be no other excuse for his continued presence there when others have been fired for far lesser offenses. But really, this blatant racism needs to be answered by some people in authority.


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>Pat Buchanan Is A Racist Asshole

>As long as Buchanan is penning racist screeds like this current one at Townhall, I just have to ask that eternal, perpetual question: how much longer will NBC and MSNBC continue to shred their credibility as legitimate news organizations by using him as an expert?

What’s particularly galling about Buchanan’s current Townhall column is that he actually quotes Steve Sailer and Dr. Robert Weissberg, both contributors to the anti-immigrant (identified as a hate group by the Southern Poverty Law Center). Both men promote in their writings the idea that Hispanics and African Americans are by virtue of their very DNA less intelligent than whites and Asians; Weissberg devoted an entire book (Bad Students, Not Bad Schools) to that idea. I don’t know about you, but where I come from that’s pretty blatantly racist.

Yet Buchanan quotes generously from both men, without bothering to mention the controversial and racist nature of their writings. Indeed, he quotes these racist assholes as legitimate scholars. For example:

“America’s educational woes reflect our demographic mix of students. Today’s schools are filled with millions of youngsters, many of whom are Hispanic immigrants struggling with English plus millions of others of mediocre intellectual ability disdaining academic achievement.”

In the public and parochial schools of the 1940s and 1950s, kids were pushed to the limits of their ability, then pushed harder. And when they stopped learning, they were pushed out the door.

Writes Weissberg: “To be grossly politically incorrect, most of America’s educational woes vanish if these indifferent, troublesome students left when they had absorbed as much as they were going to learn and were replaced by learning-hungry students from Korea, Japan, India, Russia, Africa and the Caribbean.”

”Politically incorrect?” That’s not politically incorrect. It’s racist, bigoted and wrong. It ignores economic disparities, disparities between urban inner city schools and white suburban schools, and institutional roadblocks which oppress the poor and economically disadvantaged. It ignores the achievement of tens of thousands of people of color who have reached the highest levels of American society, despite insurmountable odds — including, let me point out, the sitting president of the United States and some notable Supreme Court justices.

There’s this thing conservatives have about “political correctness” as if it’s some kind liberal plot designed to trip them up; conservatives just want to hew to some basic facts about the world, which we dirty libs are in deep denial about. The conservatives I know rail against “political correctness” with a missionary zeal. But this isn’t about political correctness, it’s about your facts just being wrong. Blacks and Hispanics are not less intelligent than whites, no matter how you may wish it were so. No, things weren’t so much awesomer in the 1940s and 1950s, when “those people” knew their place, no matter how much Pat Buchanan thinks it’s so. And no matter how many columns Pat Buchanan pens saying if only we kicked the brown people out of our schools America’s test scores would soar it won’t change the basic fact that test scores are the way they are because of institutional and systemic reasons, not biological or genetic. You know, those same institutional and systemic barriers which were firmly in place in the storied 1940s and 1950s which Buchanan and his ilk look back upon with such nostalgia.

I’m just really sick of this shit. I’m sick of conservatives kicking immigrants in the shins, over and over again. Just fucking stop it already. And I’m sick of powerful news networks like NBC and MSNBC promoting the racist assholes who are doing the kicking. Cut it out. Enough.

We’ve all known Pat Buchanan is a racist asshole. We’ve all wondered why NBC and MSNBC continue to promote him as some kind of “reasonable” conservative. This latest column is just another in a long stream of bigoted screeds from NBC’s go-to conservative voice. I get that. But honestly, how much longer are we going to be saddled with this crap? When are we going to stand up and say, America is better than this?

Buchanan is peddling racism and intolerance and he’s using crackpot junk science from known bigots to support his views. No legitimate news outfit would ever make Lyndon Larouche a regular pundit, yet Pat Buchanan spouts the same hateful views and he’s on both networks regularly. It’s just not cute anymore. We’re heading into 2011, folks — you’ve still got some old crank on your network spouting 18th century ideas? I’m just really fucking tired of it.

Hate is not okay. Bigotry is not okay. Racism is not okay. And as long as MSNBC and NBC pay Pat Buchanan to appear on their news shows, they are promoting this intolerance.

Really, it’s appalling. Time to say: no more.


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American Morans, Elite Edition

Yes, that would be Pat Buchanan standing beneath a misspelled sign advertising his own conference while chatting up a white supremacist.

This is the guy who’s on MSNBC 24-7. Thank you, liberal media.

Among the asinine topics discussed at the “conferenece”: how English-only bills will be a winner for the Republican Party, and mocking Sonia Sotomayor for doing the thing that they keep telling us they want all immigrants and their families to do: learn English.

Yes, by all means keep that up. Nobody could anticipate that would not be a winner for the Republican Party.

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