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Every Picture Tells A Story

I’m totally burned out on politics right now, and trying to wrap my head around a stubborn fiction project which has made blogging seem somehow … indecent. So let me make a u-turn here and post some photos I saw in Vancouver’s Stanley Park of a missing person.

We spent a day walking all over Stanley Park and this shot of Dennis James Bastillo popped up in some unexpected places. I finally started taking pictures of the places where I saw them, as a photojournalism exercise. Don’t ask why, it intrigued me for some reason. The photos were meaningful and beautiful and sad all at the same time. There is a story here, and I’d love to know what it is.

Of course, if anyone has seen this person … you know what to do:

Collage With Missing Person

This Way

Action Plan


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Alpine Delights

It’s so beautiful here that I half can’t believe it’s real. It looks like it’s been CGI’d; if I weren’t breathing the air and seeing it for myself, I wouldn’t believe such beauty wasn’t created on a Mac. I’m torn between howling like a wolf and yodeling.

And some local color:

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Never Seen A Sky So Blue

Car Roulette was a big fail:

Don't think I'll be trying this again....

…. which is okay since we’ve pretty much traded in our car for hiking boots anyway!

Early morning hikes get better photographic results!

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Train Roulette

A couple more shots …. The scenery only gets more spectacular from here, I’m told — but we’re switching our transportation to a car. Should I try car roulette?


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Traveling Again

I play this game I call “train roulette”: holding my camera, I stick my hand out the train window and shoot blindly. The results have been quite interesting. My favorite is the top one, which was my first stab at train roulette.

Beauty in unexpected places:


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>Fun With Photoshop, Civil War Edition

>[UPDATE 4/23/10]:

As one of my commenters pointed out, the license plate is a neo-Nazi code. Now the Virginia Department of Motor Vehicles has recalled the plate, saying it violates their policy regarding offensive messages on license tags:

The number 88 stands for the eighth letter of the alphabet, H, doubled to signify “Heil Hitler,” said CAIR’s Ibrahim Hooper. “CV” stands for “Confederate veteran” — the plate was a special model embossed with a Confederate flag, which Virginia makes available for a $10 fee to card-carrying members of the Sons of Confederate Veterans. And 14 is code for imprisoned white supremacist David Lane’s 14-word motto: “We must secure the existence of our people and a future for white children.”

Sounds like the Virginia DMV is shocked–shocked!–to find neo-Nazi white supremacists in its Sons of Confederate Veterans license plate club.


What’s a picture worth? Well via Gawker, we meet this patriot asshole, appropriately parked in a handicapped spot:

And in the comment thread, someone issues their reponse:

Happy Oklahoma City Bombing day, peeps.


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>Newsom’s Mill, Tennessee


Today was one of those perfect fall days we’ve seen so few of in Tennessee lately: sunny, crisp and fresh, with fall colors just starting to burst. It was Sunday to boot, which meant Mr. Beale and I spent a few hours driving around the countryside outside of Nashville, just to enjoy the day. It was pure heaven.

We headed out to Newsom’s Mill, along the Harpeth River. The mill itself, built in 1862, still stands. And this is for Aunt B, who has been collecting ghost stories lately: the place gave off major “Blair Witch Project” vibes for me. Maybe it’s because decrepit old stone ruins in the middle of the forest are creepy by their very nature. But then I read the interpretive signs (no easy feat as they are riddled with bullet holes–yes, we Tennesseans will shoot at anything), where I learned that a skeleton was once found on the property with a pitchfork through it.

I don’t know any more about the victim but I’d say it’s a good bet they are haunting the place these days, and you won’t catch me walking around out there after dark. And I think Aunt B has another ghost story to track down.

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American Morans, Tea Party Edition

Too many American Morans to count on Saturday, judging by the pictures and video I’ve seen. But this one made me laugh:

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California Scenes

Mr. Beale and I are officially on vacation. We’re at the beach in Santa Monica; it’s overcast, chilly, and a little gloomy, which has made for a surreal visit to my hometown.

Probably the oddest thing was seeing Richard Kelly’s “sequel” to “Donnie Darko,” ”Southland Tales,” which coincidentally was filmed almost entirely in Santa Monica and Venice–the very places we had just visited that day. With its post-apocalyptic theme and a storyline involving the rift in the space-time continuum, I started getting this spooky feeling like I had spent the entire day inside a movie I hadn’t seen yet.

I don’t know if “Donnie Darko” fans will like the film, since the two are very similar. But I will say this: Richard Kelly doesn’t like the Republican Party very much! It’s worth catching on DVD, since I doubt the film will come to Nashville.

Today’s a travel day for us, so I thought I’d share some images from the past day, which seem to capture the eerie vibe sparked by the film.

Some graffitti we saw on the PCH underpass:Mitchie Yost surfing in the fog!Arlington West, a display about the Iraq War erected by Veterans for Peace. I saw this while walking down the Santa Monica Pier with my cousin, a Vietnam veteran who still suffers the physical effects of shrapnel he received over 30 years ago. It was quite sobering to tour this exhibit with him.

Each cross represents a U.S. soldier killed in Iraq:

Finally, some grafitti of the “biker rebellion” sort:

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>Mornings At Marydale

It’s hard not to be inspired when you wake up to this every morning. Two days left in the writer’s conference. So far, so good.


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