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Republicans Worship An Evil God


A conservative explains why right-wingers have no compassion.

This kind of blanket, armchair psychoanalysis annoys me, but the article is worth a read.


Alabama State Senator Shadrack McGill, Republican (of course), at a prayer breakfast two weeks ago, tells us God wants teachers to be underpaid:

“It’s a Biblical principle. If you double a teacher’s pay scale, you’ll attract people who aren’t called to teach.”

WTF? Where in the Bible is that? Perhaps that’s some 11th commandment, Thou Shalt Not Pay Teachers What They Are Worth. Forget about all the talent driven away from the teaching profession because people simply can’t afford it. Especially those raising kids of their own.


I think I’ve given up trying to understand the Republican mind. This morning on Face The Nation, Rick Santorum officially came out against amniocentesis, saying its only purpose is to convince women to abort. So really, this is where we are: your modern pro-life position is to be against contraception which prevents unwanted pregnancy, against amniocentesis, against using tax money to feed hungry children because that limits “freedom,” and against paying teachers a decent salary.

This is how warped and twisted the pro-life position has become. And it was entirely predictable. I’ve said it before, but conservative politics has been on a collision course with its religion for years, a trajectory that really accelerated during the free-wheeling Bush years. Now the two have collided in some really obvious ways, and religious conservatives are forced to admit that either their politics is wrong or their religion is. No shocker which one they’ve picked.


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Your Food Now Fetus-Free

Seriously, WTF Oklahoma?

An Oklahoma lawmaker files a bill to ban the making and selling of food or products that use aborted human fetuses.

State Senator Ralph Shortey says he’s done research and found reports that companies have used stem cells in the research and development of food.

“I don’t know if it is happening in Oklahoma, it may be, it may not be. What I am saying is that if it does happen then we are not going to allow it to manufacture here,” says Shortey.

The lawmaker that represents Oklahoma County couldn’t give any specific examples.

Well, thank God for Oklahoma. Because just when you think Tennessee has become a national laughingstock for stuff like, I dunno, filing a bill that would take away the courts’ ability to declare a state law unconstitutional, along comes Oklahoma to do something even crazier.

Here’s a thought for legislators: just because you read something in Newsmax or Wingnut Daily, that doesn’t mean you need to pass a law about it. Sometimes these folks — I know, hard to believe — are yanking your chain.

For his next trick, State Senator Ralph Shortey will outlaw Bonsai Kittens.


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House Republicans Still Focused On Shit That Doesn’t Matter

Seriously? With everything we’re dealing with right now, this is what you want to waste time on?

House Republicans on Tuesday will try to pass a resolution reaffirming that “In God We Trust” is the national motto of the United States.

The concurrent resolution, sponsored by Rep. Randy Forbes (R-Va.), would not have the force of law, but instead is aimed at “supporting and encouraging the public display of the national motto in all public buildings, public schools and other government institutions.”

The bill briefly outlines the history of government references to God, and adds in that “if religion and morality are taken out of the market-place of ideas, the very freedom on which the United States was founded cannot be secured.”

Republicans argue that the resolution would help turn the tide against what they see as an informal effort to remove references to God from public buildings.

“Federal agencies and departments have been instructed that the phrase not be posted in those buildings,” Forbes wrote in March. “The effect on our public schools has been chilling, as teachers and administrators do not know whether they can post our national motto on their walls.”

Memo to Randy Forbes: religion and morality are not the same thing, otherwise we wouldn’t have pedophile priests and youth pastors arrested for sex crimes and televangelists and megachurch pastors sent to jail. So wise up, dude.

But really, I’m not even going to address the stupidity of this entire charade. Because it just never fails, whenever there’s a real problem Americans are grappling with, Republicans scurry to find a fake one to take our attention away from it. It’s the modern day version of bread and circuses, without the bread.

Nice try but I don’t think even a shiny-sparkly culture war will make Americans feel better about greedy banksters and Wall Street high rollers getting rich while the rest of the nation wallows in unemployment.


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White Man Can’t Catch A Break

Conservatives have called for the fainting couches because actor Morgan Freeman dared call the Tea Party racist, which resulted in the predictable racist response.

Proving just how not racist the modern Republican Party is, Texas Illinois Teanut Congress Critter Rep. Joe Walsh complains that the mean old lamestream media has offered President Obama nothing but sloppy wet kisses because of the usual blackety-black-black reasons:

Rep. Joe Walsh (R-Ill.) said the media protect President Obama and will work to get him reelected because he is black.

“This guy pushed every one of the media’s buttons,” Walsh said in an interview with the Media Research Center. “He was liberal, he was different, he was new, he was black. Oh my God, it was the potpourri of everything.”

Walsh was responding to a question from Media Research Center President Brent Bozell about the “race warfare games” of the Obama administration.

“They are so vested in our first black president not being a failure that it’s going to be amazing to watch the lengths they go to to protect him,” Walsh said. “They, I believe, will spout this racist line if some of their colleagues up here aren’t doing it aggressively enough. There is going to be a real desperation.”

Sure the media are the racists here, and it’s the white people who are so oppressed and everyone is so mean to them, and it’s so unfair! Why, every time I turn on the TeeVee there’s nothing but white people portrayed as lazy, shiftless criminals and crack addicts and losers! And how come there are no white people in prominent positions at the networks?

When, pray tell, will a white man catch a break in the biased news media? When?!


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>Sore Losers Much?

>Republicans never passed up an opportunity to grandstand before: waving purple fingers after the 2005 Iraqi elections and renaming French fries “Freedom Fries” in the House cafeteria come to mind. Oh, and then there was that whole “flying in to rescue Terri Schiavo” thing.

But honoring the military that took out Osama bin Laden is apparently a bridge too far:

House Republicans say they have no plans to follow the Senate in passing a resolution honoring the military mission that killed Osama bin Laden.

The decision by GOP leaders follows new rules they enacted in January scrapping the tradition of congratulatory measures, which they complained clogged up the House floor.

Oh that’s just so convenient, isn’t it? Can you imagine if President Bush (or, God forbid, a President McCain) had got bin Laden? There’d be parades down Pennsylvania Avenue, resolutions and Medals of Honor, “Mission Accomplished” banners, you name it — “new rules” be damned.

Well, suck on it, assholes.

Here’s a photo that’s been going around the internet the past few days, which just cracked me up. I think it aptly depicts why Republicans are so pissed off:

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>The Politics Of Fad Diets

>The GOP’s “tax and spend liberal” label notwithstanding, President Obama is apparently America’s biggest tax cutter in 60 years:

According to the Tax Policy Center, Federal taxes are lower than at any time since 1955. Obama has now reduced taxes by more than any president since Dwight D. Eisenhower.

According to the Orange County Register, “For the past two years, a family of four earning the median income has paid less in federal income taxes than at any time since at least 1955, according to the Tax Policy Center. All federal, state and local taxes combined are a lower percentage of per-capita income than at any time since the 1960s, according to the Tax Foundation. The highest income-tax bracket is its lowest since 1992. At 35 percent, it’s well below the 50 percent mark of much of the 1980s and the 70 percent bracket of the 1970s.”

So where are all the fucking jobs and economic growth that’s supposed to shower down upon us like manna from heaven? And how come no one ever challenges the righties on their steadfast belief in tax cuts as economic stimulus? Every time a Bob Schaeffer or Tweety or George Stuffinenvelopes interviews a GOPer about this, we get the same old line about tax cuts stimulating the economy and no one ever says, “well, it hasn’t yet!” I just don’t get it. It’s become almost ingrained in the national psyche that right wing voodoo economics works, when in fact it’s a fairy tale.

You want to know why a big swath of America votes against its own self-interest? It’s something every snake oil salesman, self-help guru and fad diet author knows: tell people what they want to hear and they’ll buy it every damn time. It doesn’t even have to work, as long as the people really, really want it to work. People want to think “the secret” to winning the lottery is to repeat some prosperity affirmation over and over. People want to think they can lose weight eating bacon and eggs and eschewing the toast and fruit. And people want to think the key to kickstarting the economy is to not pay taxes or invest in the country at all, but instead take all the goodies and let some invisible, magical force make everything alright, somehow.

This is also why right-wing Christianity is so compelling: people want to believe that Jesus preached self-reliance and pulling yourself up by your bootstraps, they want to justify ignoring the human and environmental toll our standard of living exacts. We don’t want to change, because we’re human beings and we’re more afraid of change than anything else.

Doug J has more ….

…. as does Andrew Sullivan:

The much bigger problem with the GOP plan is its view of taxes. Even though we have historically low income tax rates for high-earning individuals, even though revenues have collapsed in the recession, even though we have empirically discovered that big tax cuts have not generated more economic growth, the GOP still insists on reforming taxes not to raise revenue but to reduce it. This is where the whole thing gets surreal. The very Laffer untruth that sank America into debt in the early 1990s s one still being peddled against all the relevant evidence to guide us through the next few decades. In my view, if we maintain that ideological fantasy, the US will become a banana republic in short order.

Yes, dear. Thanks for noticing. This is why we call them “Banana Republicans.” Again: the GOP is no longer the “Daddy Party.” They’re the “tell the chumps whatever they want to hear” Party. Weave some feel-good fantasy to keep the kids happy so they can go off drinking with their buddies and gambling at the Wall Street casino.

It’s not surreal, sweetie. It’s pathological.


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>It’s That Voodoo Republican Math

>First Wisconsin state officials claimed marble damaged by the painters tape that protestors used would cost $7.5 million to repair:

Cari Anne Renlund, chief legal counsel for the state Department of Administration, said in Dane County court that estimates of damage to marble includes $6 million to repair damaged marble inside the Capitol, $1 million for damage outside and $500,000 for costs to supervise the damage.

Turns out, not so much:

Madison – Officials charged with overseeing the state Capitol Friday backpedaled sharply from their estimate – delivered in a high-profile court case only the day before – that demonstrators did more than $7 million in damage to the building and grounds during the tumultuous yet peaceful protests that erupted Feb. 15.

Touring the building on Friday morning with state architect Dan Stephans, who oversaw the Capitol’s restoration that concluded in 2001, Jeff Plale said he had not immediately observed any damage from demonstrations over Gov. Scott Walker’s budget-repair bill. Plale is a former Democratic state senator and now the state facilities administrator.

Hey Cari Anne! What’s your game, girl? Can anybody play? Why yes they can!

Two local news organizations sued Gov. Scott Walker Friday for alleged failure to respond to their requests for e-mails that the governor claimed were overwhelmingly in favor of his controversial budget repair bill.


Isthmus and the AP did not receive a response to their records requests, the lawsuit states.

But Richmond received an e-mail response late Friday, which was dated Feb. 25, from Nate Ristow, associate legal counsel for the governor, in which Ristow detailed the cost of printing out the e-mails of more than $31,250, to be paid in advance. Ristow also invited Richmond to review the records at Walker’s office for no charge.

In his records request, Lueders had asked that the e-mails be put on a disk instead of being printed on paper.

Wow: $31,250 to print out e-mails? I’m calling bullshit. It seems the latest conservative tactic in the propaganda war is to pull a wildly inflated number out of someone’s ass and attach it to whatever it is someone wants. Then watch as everyone starts screaming about my money! Seriously, some of the comments on these stories are hilarious. Are liberals the only ones who have developed a healthy skepticism over the years? Are we the only ones with highly developed bullshit meters?

Alternately, this can explain a lot about Republicans’ repeated failure to balance a budget. Perhaps the poor dears simply can’t do math. Remember how the Iraq War was only supposed to cost $50-$60 billion? Remember Paul Wolfowitz saying the war would pay for itself? Yeah that was a good one.

So you know, we’re left with the eternal question: stupid or lying? Which is it, Republicans?

(h/t, DailyKos)


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>Republican Woman

>Okay, this is currently going viral, and it’s well done so I thought I’d share it. But for the record, I’m not entirely comfortable with the message. Being a proud liberal woman let me remind everyone: the problem with these candidates is not their gender, but the fact that they are barking mad and not anything close to being fit for office. And there are plenty of Republican men who can join them in the nuthouse as far as I’m concerned.

Still, it’s a riff on a classic song from 1970, so I’m not gonna get my thong in a twist about it. No harm, no foul. Enjoy:


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>The Lowden Plan

>Poor Sue Lowden! She really stepped her foot in it.

Now we have a handy-dandy Medical Chicken Calculator. Find out just how many chickens that heart bypass surgery will cost!



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>Party Of No Progress

>Dear What’s Left of the Republican Party:

What century are you people living in? Bring a chicken to the doctor? Meet Nevada Republican Sue Lowden, running for Harry Reid’s seat:

Interviewer: Most people walk into a doctor’s office and the first thing they ask you for is your insurance card.

Sue Lowden: Yes they do.

Interviewer: When you make an appointment …

SL: And as soon as you say you don’t have one, “can I speak to the doctor. Can I speak to someone in charge.”

Interviewer: …they want that insurance card before you get past go.

SL: Yes of course they are used to doing that, but let’s change the system and talk about what the possibilities are. I’m telling you that this works. You know, before we all started having health care, in the olden days our grandparents, they would bring a chicken to the doctor, they would say I’ll paint your house. I mean, that’s the old days of what people would do to get health care with your doctors. Doctors are very sympathetic people. I’m not backing down from that system.

Watch it here:

Lowden is just begging to be made fun of by the DSCC.

But I’m going to be fair to Sue Lowden and say she’s not actually telling people to bring a chicken to the doctor. She’s talking about “the old days” of what people did, and she’s trying to be all self-empowerment and “change the system” and “yes we can in a compassionate conservative way” and the reason it’s a huge fail is she doesn’t seem to know what people are already doing to get healthcare. They are filing for bankruptcy. They are cashing in their IRAs and 401(k) funds. They are filing lawsuits. They are raiding their kids’ college funds.

And of course the tried-and-true community fundraiser. The benefit concert. Or, for those not fortunate to have friends who are musicians, the pickle jar by the convenience store cash register. Such things are rare in countries not America; here, they have become so ubiquitous no one bothered to mention this staple of American life during the recent healthcare debate.

Change the system? Yeah I think we just did tried that. Your side didn’t want to play along. Now instead of no ideas, we find out your grand idea is to take the country back to the Great Depression? WTF? How do you “negotiate” on an $80,000 bill? A $150,000 one? How much is that in chickens? In house painting? For crying out loud, lady, have you looked at a hospital bill lately?

[Post updated to reflect what several commenters pointed out which is that no, we did not change the system, though many of us wanted to.]

For more insight on this story see Athenae and Atrios.


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