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Dubious Achievements

Not sure what I did to earn this or, for that matter, when. But I consider it one of my crowning achievements:



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>Dear Lamar: Thank You For Playing!

>ThinkProgress pokes some fun at Sean Hannity, Lamar Alexander and the whole “enemies list” meme. Watch it:

ThinkProgress concludes, noting:

The irony is rich, of course. In attempting to debunk Anita Dunn’s argument about Fox News, Sean Hannity has instead validated it — proving just how effective Fox News can serve as the “communications arm of the Republican Party.”

Thanks for playing along!

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>Zombie Marsh Mice STILL Won’t Die

>Sean Hannity is a fool:

HANNITY: Wait a minute. Wait a minute. You know and I know that Nancy Pelosi’s district, that these marshlands to help save the mouse, that’s where that money’s going. This railway for Harry Reid, these all-terrain vehicle trails, they’re in the bill, Congressman. We’re spending $1.3 trillion of our kids’ money. Why?

SESTAK: Sean, I just don’t want to mislead the public. Those words are not in the bill. Number two: We’re —

HANNITY: But the money is earmarked for it.

SESTAK: No, there are not, Sean. Number two —

HANNITY: You sound like Bill Clinton.

SESTAK: No, I’m just telling you what the facts are, ’cause I’ve read every word of the bill.

HANNITY: “I did not have sex with that woman.” They — that is where the money is going, Congressman. Be straight with the American people.

Hilarious. Sean Hannity gets pounded with facts and runs out of the room screetching “Bill Clinton! Bill Clinton!” It’s comedy gold, I tell ya.

One more time: there is no money in the stimulus for salt marsh mice. The $30 million is for five wetlands projects around the state of California that will clean up industrial waste sites and provide flood control. If you’ve ever seen a wetlands restoration project then you will know it involves lots of bulldozers, tractors, and other heavy machinery. It involves dredging, excavating, drainage construction, building jetties and bridges and berms. It creates jobs.

And yes, it restores habitat for endangered species like salt marsh mice. It bears remembering that the salt marsh mouse has been on the Endangered Species List since 1970. It is, in fact, U.S. law that the government protect it and restore its habitat.

Maybe we should stick Cargill with the bill, since they are one of the companies that left the salt ponds to begin with. Free hand of the market and all that.

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>Saying No To Sean Hannity

>I’ve never agreed with his politics, but I’ve always appreciated how Christian singer Michael W. Smith gives back to the community via his Rocketown teen club and other charitable efforts. To my knowledge he’s always kept his politics out of his charitable work, so this surprised and disappointed me:

Fox News’ resident bomb-thrower will be in town for the Rally for Rocketown, a fundraiser for Michael W. Smith’s teen outreach center. Loved by conservatives, loathed by liberals, Hannity is sure to be at his incendiary best, especially since the event coincides with the Obama-McCain debate at Belmont.

The talk-show host will speak and take questions from the audience. Bonus round for the financially blessed: “Table hosts and sponsors will be invited to meet Hannity and have a photo during a private VIP reception prior to the luncheon,” according to the announcement. Smith and “special guests” will also perform.

Ick. I don’t see the point of holding a fundraiser for a non-profit by featuring a divisive, controversial, partisan character like Sean Hannity. Way to bring the community together for your cause …. or not.

Hannity lies about liberals regularly , has used his show to spread character smears against Barack Obama, John Kerry and other prominent Democrats (whatever happened to that 9th commandment?), and his book was on the reading list of Knoxville church shooter Jim Adkisson. By its fruits, indeed.

This is the guy you’re trotting out to raise money for a Christian teen outreach center? No thanks. Count me out.

Sorry Smitty, you’ve just gone down a notch in my estimation.

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>Sean Hannity Has No Shame

>I’ve heard of lying liars but this takes the cake. Sean Hannity and Swift Boat liar Jerome Corsi are spreading a new smear about Barack Obama, this one saying that Obama favors murdering children. It sounds crazy, but then nothing is too crazy for these hateful whackjobs.

From the August 1 edition of Fox News’ Hannity’s America:

HANNITY: You go through every position that he has —


HANNITY: — as on the fringe of the left wing —

CORSI: Even —

HANNITY: — on the fringe of the Democratic Party.

CORSI: Exactly, even extensively looking back at his record when he was in the state legislature in Illinois. His completely pro-abortion position, his —

HANNITY: Even if a child was born.

CORSI: Even if a child was born, he said the woman still had the right to kill the child in an abortion.

HANNITY: Unbelievable.

Yes, unbelievable is the word alright. Hannity and Corsi repeated this lie on Hannity & Colmes and Hannity’s radio show, just to make sure as many people as possible heard the news that Barack Obama favors murdering children.

And people question that someone ingesting a daily dose of this crap would take matters into their own hands and turn violent. It bears remembering that Hannity’s book was in the Knoxville UU shooter’s wingnut library.

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>Why I No Longer Work In Country Music

>Along with the music sucking, of course, it’s divisive, partisan moves like this:

Hannity To Keynote Radio Seminar 39

(Nashville, TN – September 24th, 2007) Multimedia broadcaster Sean Hannity will deliver the keynote address at the opening session of next year’s Country Radio Seminar ® (CRS-39), which will be held March 5th through March 7th, 2008. The opening session is scheduled for Wednesday, March 5th, 2008 at 10:30 a.m.

Gee, I’m surprised they didn’t invite Mitt Romney, since his Bain Capital now owns Clear Channel.

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>Fairness Doctrine: The New Gay Marriage

>I’ve been listening to Ed Schultz a bit this week (if you have XM Radio he’s on Air America from 12-3 EST). Today he’s been talking about the “fairness doctrine,” something we’ve been hearing a lot about lately. I kinda wondered where this issue came from all of a sudden. It reminded me of when flag burning was suddenly a major topic on the blogosphere. I thought, Really? Flag burning? That’s so last century. The only people burning flags these days are drunken frat boys. Well, that and nativist nutcases who think it’s OK to burn a Mexican flag.

Now that the “fairness doctrine” is all of a sudden on everyone’s lips, I have to say I smell a conservative election rat. They kinda blew their wad with gay marriage and abortion, and immigration divides the Republican Party worse than it does Democratic voters. How on earth will they whip their faithful to the polls in ‘08? By telling them if you vote for a Democrat, the big meanies will take your Rush Limbaugh and Bill O’Reilly away, of course. It’s classic fear-mongering, and it seems the Kool-Aid drinkers are eating it up.

Ed Schultz agrees with me. Today he said basically the same thing on his show; he believes this “fairness doctrine” stuff is a preemptive strike for ’08.

Right wingers are spreading all sorts of lies and distortions about what the fairness doctrine is and is not, that it would legislate liberal talk radio (no) and that it would make Rush Limbaugh illegal (as much as I wish that were true, it’s not). They’ve started the fear campaign with fabricated stories spread by Drudge and dutifully picked up along the right-wing echo chamber.

(Sadly, someone at the RNC forgot to clue in Trent Lott, who told the New York Times that ”Talk radio is running America. We have to deal with that problem.” Ooops. Get with the program, Trent.)

A forum at is full of the usual right-wing scaredy-pants rhetoric, including posts claiming the fairness doctrine will “go into effect in 2009” and it will “shut down conservative talk radio.” The poor dears, scared shitless yet again, as well as woefully uninformed. Don’t you guys get tired of being scared of your shadows all the time? There is no “fairness doctrine law” and nothing is going into effect in 2009. Where do you get these silly notions?

I wish Republicans could try to win an election without scaring the pants off of their base all the time, but when fear is your drug, you’ll keep going back for your fix.

It will be interesting to see how this plays out. If the fairness doctrine doesn’t gain traction (flag burning was a big dud in 2006), I’m sure they’ll find something else.

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