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>Looks like the Republicans have been hitting their Faux Umbrage Concern Kits, this time over Sonia Sotomayor’s membership in a women’s club. Over at Pith we’ve got more phony cries of “double standard” in the comments. It would be hilarious if it all weren’t so stupid.

Here’s Congress “man” Marsha Blackburn, promoting her book at the Woman’s Club of Nashville in January:

I’d say Congress “man” Blackburn is also familiar with the Brentwood Woman’s Club because she’s participated in candidates’ forums there. Meanwhile, we have the Nashville Republican Women and the Davidson County Democratic Women.

Woman’s clubs all.

Some prominent Nashville business women have also formed the Nashville Women’s Breakfast Club:

In 1985, Lynn May was the only woman in her department of the bank that became Sun Trust. She decided she needed some female friends who worked downtown. Lynn formed the Gang of Four with Suzanne Braden, Patty Bryan and Lucy Owen, and by early 1986 they had founded the Nashville Women’s Breakfast Club.

From the beginning the focus of the club has been on networking, on sharing referrals and customers. Membership nominations are screened to avoid professional competition; the idea is that members use each other’s services.

Then we have the Junior League, a woman’s group that claims 160,000 members worldwide. Here’s their mission:

The Association of Junior Leagues International Inc. (AJLI) is an organization of women committed to promoting voluntarism, developing the potential of women and improving communities through the effective action and leadership of trained volunteers. Its purpose is exclusively educational and charitable.

The Junior League touts such famous members as former First Ladies Eleanor Roosevelt, Betty Ford, Barbara Bush and Laura Bush, and, ZOMG, Supreme Court Justice Sandra Day O’Connor.

So, the men in the Republican Party are going to say they have a problem with all of this?

Good luck with that.

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>Miered Down In Conservative Idiocy

>I suspected conservatives would try to frame Sonia Sotomayor as Harriet Miers, George W. Bush’s personal attorney whom right and left alike agreed was all wrong for the Supreme Court. And gosh darn it, I hate it when I’m right .

Conservatives really do appear to be imploding over the Sotomayor nomination. Let’s play a medley of their greatest hits, shall we?

• First, we have Tom Tancredo, calling Sotomayor a racist:

I’m telling you she appears to be a racist. She said things that are racist in any other context. That’s exactly how we would portray it and there’s no one who would get on the Supreme Court saying a thing like that except for a Hispanic woman and you’re going to say it doesn’t matter!

• Then we have Pat Buchanan, saying:

“She is not that intelligent,”

leading a parade of conservatives comparing her to Harriet Miers, facts to the contrary.

• Karl Rove, who once thought Harriet Miers would have been a splendid Supreme Court justice, is uncertain about ”how intellectually strong“ Sotomayor would be.

• At least he didn’t call her Maria like Mike Huckabee did. Common mistake, I know; most Latinas are named Maria, right?

• Or even worse, all of those references to her “judicial temperament.” Of course, we women are so emotional, hormonal, irrational. We really can’t be trusted to make sound decisions. Why, we might have really bad PMS one day and just on a whim ban puppies or something. We’re really unreliable that way. And Latina women, well, everyone knows how “hot tempered” they are.


Much of this criticism has come from Jeffrey Rosen’s anonymously-sourced hit piece in The New Republic. Yesterday, Rosen himself backed away from the criticism, saying his words have been mischaracterized:

“Conservatives are already citing my initial piece on Sotomayor as a basis for opposing her,” Rosen notes. “This willfully misreads both my piece and the follow-up response. My concern was that she might not make the most effective liberal voice on the Court–not that she didn’t have the potential to be a fine justice.”

Someone alert the media, because CNN and MSNBC have been quoting that piece non-stop. We still don’t know who these anonymous “liberals” were that supposedly found Sotomayor unacceptable.

Anyway, I don’t see Republicans coming out of this a winner. They already look like asshats with their racist, misogynistic attacks.

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Can’t See The Forest For The Democrat In The White House

No sooner had President Obama announced his choice of Sonia Sotomayor for the Supreme Court than the wackadoodle wing was giving us comedy gold:

As soon as Obama publicly named Sotomayor, two fundamentalist leaders and militant antiabortion crusaders–Rev. Patrick Mahoney of the Christian Defense Coalition and Rev. Rob Schenck of Faith and Action–held a prayer service in front of the Supreme Court to oppose the appointment.

God forbid either of these asshats should actually check her record on abortion.

Jim Wallis did, however:

For those who have been looking for more evidence of President Obama’s common-ground approach to the issue of abortion outlined last week at Notre Dame, here it is. As a judge, she has participated in more than 3,000 panel decisions and authored almost 400 opinions and only ruled once on the issue of abortion. In that case she wrote from a centrist position and ruled against a pro-choice organization. Many other possible nominations could have been a slap in the face to either side, but the president used this as an opportunity to further his common-ground approach.

Schenck and Mahoney and a huge block of the right wing are opposing Sotomayor simply because she was nominated by a Democratic president. But they shouldn’t.

Meanwhile, the media seems to assume that all liberals will support her nomination for the same reason. And they shouldn’t.

Sotomayor will be a fine SCOTUS justice but she’s by no means the wild-haired, pot-smoking, DFH jurist the right-wingers will have you believe, especially on civil liberties issues. Conservatives might want to think twice before trashing her candidacy; they could do much worse. Liberals should look at her record carefully; there’s a good chance we could do better.

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>Some Things Never Change

>William Kristol is still wrong, and conservatives decry Sonia Sotomayor as a “liberal judicial activist of the first order”

who thinks her own personal political agenda is more important than the law as written,” Wendy E. Long, counsel to the Judicial Confirmation Network, said in a statement. “She thinks that judges should dictate policy, and that one’s sex, race, and ethnicity ought to affect the decisions one renders from the bench.”

Think they can bring 9/11 into this debate? You betcha!!!!

“On September 11, America saw firsthand the vital role of America’s firefighters in protecting our citizens.  They put their lives on the line for her and the other citizens of New York and the nation.  But Judge Sotomayor would sacrifice their claims to fair treatment in employment promotions to racial preferences and quotas.  The Supreme Court is now reviewing that decision.”

That didn’t take long!

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