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Beelzebub Joins WSMV Weather Team


But Channel 4’s weather report proved even more prescient than the station’s meteorologists could have imagined.

One eagle-eyed viewer caught a glimpse of a terrifying apparition just before the start of the report. Using his DVR to pause the forecast intro at just the right moment, YouTuber PerlAddict was able to determine that the demonic visage he saw was none other than the Devil himself.

Watch it here:

I dunno, is this the best local weather screw-up ever? It’s a pretty tough call; Charlie Neese’s weather penis was pretty awesome, too.


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What The Hell, WSMV?

I’m wondering why WSMV, our local NBC affiliate, is devoting an hour of prime time tonight to an infomercial for’s “Pop Memories From The ‘60s” collection.

Does it have anything to do with the fact that the episode of Law & Order SVU which viewers in other markets get to see tonight is a re-run of the one featuring Kathy Griffin as a lesbian activist who–gasp–kisses a girl?

I mean, it’s just speculation, but is it possible that WSMV thinks the “L” word is too hot for our delicate ears (or eyes)?

Of course, NBC in its infinite wisdom already edited out the offending kiss. So maybe the station is so strapped for cash that they need to devote an hour to hawking CDs featuring “Tie Me Kangaroo Down Sport,” instead of offering some real programming.

Just wondering which it is. I think I already know.


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Deals With The Devil

I have one question for my local NBC affiliate, WSMV: is the money you get from Pat Robertson to broadcast The 700 Club worth the knock to your integrity as he spouts this kind of bullshit?

WSMV has aired Pat Robertson’s programming for years in its own “deal with the devil.” It gets a substantial amount of money for this programming, or so I’ve been told. While there are no less than half a dozen independent and cable stations in this market broadcasting Pat Robertson’s nonsense, when a major network like WSMV does it, it lends a credibility to Robertson and his intolerant message. And it’s time for WSMV to own up to its responsibility to the community.

Even worse, WSMV airs Robertson’s program right after The Today Show. Last time I was at my doctor’s office, they had The Today Show on in the waiting room. As we waited, the programming switched over to the 700 Club. I was appalled at what I heard. Although the waiting room was full, I asked everyone in the room if they minded if I changed the channel. Universally, to a person, they all expressed great relief. No one wants to hear that crap, WSMV. If they do, let them hunt for it on community access.

Pat Robertson’s stock in trade is outrageous, divisive, fear-porn. A few of his greatest hits:

• In January of this year Robertson told his viewers to “buy gold and get your money out of America as fast as you can.” Left unsaid was Robertson’s ownership of a Liberian gold mine–something Robertson finagled in his own “deal with a devil,” in this case former Liberian dictator Charles Taylor currently on trial for war crimes.

• In October 2009 Pat Robertson called on Israelis to “arm” the Temple Mount, the Jerusalem holy site claimed by Jews, Christians and Muslims.

• In 2005 he called on the American government to assassinate Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez.

And of course Robertson is famous for numerous anti-Muslim remarks over the years, including most recently saying Islam is “not a religion” but “a violent political system bent on the overthrow of governments of the world and world domination.”

These are all things Pat Robertson said on The 700 Club. Not private conversations, but on the television show WSMV takes money to broadcast. If that’s not a deal with the devil, I don’t know what is.

And let me add: Pat Robertson is not just offensive to Americans, he’s also offensive to Christians. Many are speaking out now: you can read Jarrod McKenna’s piece on Robertson’s “gospel of disgrace.” Here Nashville’s own Jars of Clay tells Sally Quinn that perhaps Robertson shouldn’t have a platform any longer.

I can definitely agree with that sentiment. WSMV, pull the plug on Pat Robertson. Or is the money more important? You know, a couple years ago WSMV got in trouble with the FCC for not airing enough children’s programming. Seems to me there’s something better you should be doing with that time-slot.


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>WSMV’s FCC Trouble

>I just stumbled on this piece of news:

FCC Fines WSMV for Reporting Violations
Meredith Nashville Station Fined $10K

By John Eggerton — Broadcasting & Cable, 10/15/2007 4:33:00 PM

The Federal Communications Commission proposed fining Meredith’s WSMV-TV Nashville, Tenn., $10,000 for violating reporting requirements for children’s-programming information.

In seeking its license renewal, the station conceded that it was missing about three years’ worth of information on its compliance with kids’-programming limits and other children’s-TV-reporting requirements.

The FCC concluded that the violations were “willful and repeated” and proposed the baseline amount of $10,000.

The commission also admonished — an official warning — but did not fine Ion Media Networks’ WPPX (TV) Philadelphia for lesser kids’-TV-reporting violations.

This surprises me. WSMV airs four hours of “The Today Show” every morning, not to mention The 700 Club from 10-11 am, five days a week. Five hours of programming a day that to my view is clearly produced by and for children. What’s the problem?

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