Congratulations, Hal Cartee! You’re Our 2nd Amendment Hero Du Jour

In guns everywhere Georgia, I’m sure it comes as no surprise that someone shot himself cleaning out his car at the car wash. Sadly, he’s also a Darwin Award winner:

STATESBORO, GA – Officials at the Statesboro Police Department say a man was killed in what they believe was an accidental shooting. It happened at the Flash Car Wash on Fair Road. 48-year-old Timothy Hal Cartee died from a gunshot wound. He was cleaning out his car when it happened. Foul play is not suspected and the death is being investigated as an accidental discharge.

Well done, Georgia!


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Congratulations, Unidentified New York City Man Vladimir Gotlibovsky! You’re Our 2nd Amendment Hero Du Jour


Serial offender:

The wedding guest who accidentally shot a woman in the Waldorf Astoria put a bullet in his own foot on Christmas Eve in another klutzy move with a gun, sources told The Post on Monday.

Not-so-sharp shooter Vladimir Gotlibovsky, 42, thought a car was following him as he was driving to make a bank deposit for his liquor business, so he pulled over and took out his .380-caliber automatic from his pants pocket, sources said.


Gotlibovsky’s gun has been taken before. In 1995, he lost it in a dispute over whether his permit allowed him to carry all the time.

Authorities ruled in his favor, and he got it back.

Great move giving him back his gun. A lady got shot in the head and four others were injured.


The tabloids weigh in:

PICTURED: The hysterical bride who ‘let out a blood curdling scream’ when the Waldorf Astoria CANCELLED her wedding reception after the groom’s cousin accidentally shot a guest

Ha ha ha. And then there’s this:

‘The person believed to have discharged the weapon has a permit authorizing him to possess and carry it.’

OH. So another of our safest, most responsible citizens EVAH. Cue my shocked face.


Because this is New York, not Georgia or Tennessee or Talibama, we have charges filed. Thank you, Michael Bloomberg.


Second reported accidental shooting at a wedding so far this year:

An unidentified man attending a wedding reception at the Waldorf Astoria Hotel in Manhattan on Saturday accidentally discharged a firearm and injured five people, including one woman who was struck in the head, the police said.


Deputy Chief William Aubry, the commander of Manhattan detectives, said a wedding guest accidentally discharged a firearm in the lobby area of the Waldorf Astoria at around 7:30 p.m. Officials said a bullet ricocheted off the floor and struck one person. Three others were struck by debris such as glass, marble and tile.

The reception was being held in the hotel’s East Terrace, a marbled-floor space that was closed to hotel guests at the time of the shooting. On Saturday night, rows of police tape were strung behind a velvet rope and around a table crowned with a large, ornate spray of white flowers.

What’s notable about this accidental shooting is its New York City location. Accidental shootings aren’t unheard of in New York’s boroughs — I’m remembering the Brooklyn dad who shot his infant daughter while cleaning his gun — but you don’t see them that often, and rarely in public places. Considering the area’s population, this is unusual. It seems most accidental shootings in New York are by cops.

So congratulations to this unnamed wedding guest. This gunfail in the marbled Waldorf Astoria was truly spectacular!


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Tennessee Gun Report

Haven’t done one of these in a while but two accidental shootings in one day reminded me it’s time …

• June 11, 2015:

Country singer Randy Howard went out in a blaze of glory:

“He said he wasn’t going back to jail,” one of Howard’s neighbors shared with WSMV of the musician. “That’s what he told me.”

Howard missed a court appearance on charges that included DUI, possession of drug paraphernalia, driving on a revoked license, and possession of a gun while intoxicated. When a bail bondsman went to collect him, Howard began shooting.

• June 10, 2015:

1- Memphis 4-year-old finds dad’s gun, lets freedom ring. Very sad.

It’s also highlighted Tennessee’s weak CAP laws, said to be among the worst in the country for prosecuting gun negligence:

In the wake of the tragedy, many are asking who should be held responsible.

Tennessee’s CAP Law states that criminal liability can only be imposed when a gun owner intentionally, knowingly and/or recklessly provides some or all firearms to children. That’s one of the weakest CAP Laws in the country.

We asked Tennessee State Representative Antonio Parkinson if change was in the works.

“I hadn’t heard anything in regards to strengthening the laws in regards to children having access to guns, but it’s definitely something that should be looked into,” Parkinson said.

In this case the boy’s father was outside when accident happened – Whether or not this situation meets that standard is yet to be determined, but it’s a fine line.

Do you prosecute for negligence, or show compassion for a grieving father? The question is one that needs has yet to be answered.

“What the legislature is willing to do? Are they willing to prosecute those who do not store their guns legally? But it’s definitely something worth looking into,” Parkinson said.

Would be nice if something good could come out of this, namely strengthening the laws about gun negligence. Tennesseans, write your legislators. They’ve guaranteed that innocent people will have more contact with firearms than ever before. Now they need to protect us unwitting bystanders by giving prosecutors the tools they need to go after cases of gun negligence. No more letting people off scott-free for injuring or killing innocent people just because they’re too scared to walk out the door without their security blanket.

2- In Chattanooga a man accidentally shot himself at home.

• June 5, 2015:

Guns and “hundreds of rounds of ammo” were stolen from a U-haul outside a Fairfield Inn in East Memphis. Responsible gun owners responsibly leaving their shit out where people can steal it. So responsible, y’all.

• June 3, 2015:

Welcome to Tennessee! Errr… or not:

Taylor is alleged to have fired a gun towards an occupied vehicle at the Tennessee Welcome Center. Assistant Sullivan County District Attorney Gene Perrin says charges are forthcoming in that first incident, pending completion of an investigation.

Shortly after shots were fired on I-81, at approximately 12:55 p.m., Sullivan County authorities were alerted to an 11-W motorist who was “pointing a gun and racking it.” In statements later obtained by police, the victim stated he was westbound on 11-W near J. H. Fauver Road. A Pontiac Grand Prix reportedly approached from behind “at an extremely high rate of speed.”

The driver of the car, later identified as Taylor, allegedly swerved back and forth while following the other motorist, then sped past. After pulling over in front of the other driver, Taylor reportedly “brake checked him as if he was trying to cause an accident.”

The victim told police that he flashed the headlights on his vehicle. That reportedly prompted Taylor to produce a black handgun out his driver’s side window, pull the slide and point it towards the other driver.

I’m so glad we’re all allowed to drive around armed. Makes me feel SO much safer! /sarcasm

• May 26, 2015:

A Springfield, TN airman walked into a North Dakota Walmart and “opened fire” for no apparent reason. He then turned the gun on himself. What a terrible tragedy all the way around.

• May 22, 2015:

The Tennessee Legislature recently voted to arm constables, those rural cop wannabes who are charged primarily with issuing warrants. Which in light of this recent incident seems a supremely stupid idea:

ONEIDA, Tenn. (WATE) – A man who is a lieutenant with the Scott County Jail and an elected constable is charged with firing a BB gun at several children near his home Wednesday night.

Michael Wilson, 58, is charged with assault. Officers with the Oneida police department say they were called to The Church of God on Paintrock Road around 8:30 p.m. A caller said several children had been shot with a BB gun while they were playing volleyball at the church.

Parents said around 20 kids were playing volleyball at the time.

Tennessee constables have a pretty checkered past. Here’s one who was charged with dealing drugs. Here’s one who, as a student at MTSU, was found to have a gun in his dorm room in violation of school policy.

• May 20, 2015:

1- A Shelbyville woman pointed a gun at another driver because they “came into her lane”:

The suspect was driving a black SUV, passed the victim driving in the otner direction, then quickly stopped and yelled at her, deputy Tim Fox’s report said.

“She allegedly stepped out of her vehicle holding a small caliber handgun in her right hand with her finger on the trigger,” Fox said. “She allegedly accused her of coming into her lane and said she needed to leave or it would be bad.”

The woman is described as in her 30s with black hair in a ponytail and weighing approximately 120 pounds.

Guns in cars, such a great idea!

2- And speaking of guns in cars, people in Kingsport just can’t stop pulling out their guns and pretending they’re Yosemite Sam. In one instance the guy flashed his concealed carry permit, pretending it was a police badge. In another incident, the guy (who had a concealed carry permit) pointed his gun at the driver of a car who honked at him because FREEDOM.

Such responsible people.

• May 15, 2015:

1- Interesting note of distinction here:

The most distinctive cause of death in Tennessee is the accidental discharge of firearms, according to new mapping data released by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

There were 336 accidental gun deaths in Tennessee between 2001 and 2010.

Accidental gun deaths aren’t the main cause of death in Tennessee. Heart disease typically ranks as the leading cause of death in the state each year. The CDC data instead focused on causes of death in each state that veer most widely from the national average.

Once again, Tennessee is at the top of a list you want to be at the BOTTOM of. Slow clap, Tennessee Republicans.

2- And as if on cue: A Hickman County deputy’s daughter accidentally shot herself.

3- Dumbass Rutherford County man unaware that gravity is still a thing nearly shot his neighbor when he fired his gun to scare away vultures:

RUTHERFORD COUNTY, Tenn. (WKRN) – Bullets rained down beside a Rutherford county man as he was standing in his backyard. It turns out, a neighbor was firing shots to scare away vultures.

It happened Monday morning at daybreak when a swarm of vultures converged on top of the cell phone tower next to Tyler Moody’s home on Old Lebanon Road in Rutherford County.

Moody grabbed his .22 caliber rifle in hopes of scaring them away.

“I just fired warning shots up in the air,” he told News 2.

A nearby neighbor said he heard the gunshots before bullets started falling down beside him in his backyard.

• May 7, 2015:

A Knox County jury convicted Rodney Lee Scott of manslaughter in a road rage shooting incident.


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Congratulations, Dhruv Acharya! You’re Our 2nd Amendment Hero Du Jour

Dunkin’ Donuts franchisee fondling a gun in his office accidentally fired it, sending a bullet into a customer bathroom. Priceless:

It happened as shop owner Dhruv Acharya was sitting at a desk, loading a .45-caliber Glock, said Scott Miller, who is the officer in charge of the Washington Township Police Department.

Acharya, who has a permit to carry a concealed weapon, told police the gun went off as he was about to place it in a holster, Miller said.

Another of our safest, most responsible citizens EVAH!

But then there’s this:

A 17-year-old worker who didn’t want her name published said she was so shaken by the gunfire that she quit her job. She said only a couple of customers were in the store when it happened just before noon.

“The customers were like ‘Oh my gosh. what was that?'” she said. “(The owner) came flying out of his office and going into the bathroom to make sure no one was in there.

“If anyone was in there, they would have been shot. I was so scared I did not know what was happening next.”

Another employee said she was seated right outside the office door when the gun went off. She said she and the other teen sought treatment at Easton Hospital.

“The gunpowder blew out on to me and I inhaled it. It was in a confined area,” said the 17-year-old, who also didn’t want her name published. “I couldn’t breathe. I couldn’t see. My vision was going in and out.”

She said it was her first day of work at the store and she won’t be going back.

You were damn lucky, buddy. THIS time.


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I Don’t Understand This

Can one of my readers in the healthcare field please explain to me what “consumer-based lab testing” is? AHIP (America’s Health Insurance Plans) is holding its annual convention in Nashville right now and one of our local biz rags gave a brief rundown of what they’re discussing. “Consumer-based lab testing” came up and it sounds all shiny-sparkly-free-markety-“let’s all shop for our healthcare”-y. And I’m just trying to understand who this is for:

“Without consumer engagement, there is no pressure for prices to go down,” said Elizabeth Holmes, founder and CEO of Theranos.

Theranos, which Holmes founded in 2003 and has former Sen. Bill Frist as a board member, offers accessible and affordable lab testing, with transparent prices available on the company’s website. Holmes likened consumer-based lab testing to at-home pregnancy tests, and said by making lab testing more accessible, early detection becomes possible for patients who are not a part of the existing health care system.

“When prices are transparent and consumers are informed, competition flourishes,” Holmes said.

What the fuck does this mean? If you’re not part of the existing health care system, it’s because you’re either too poor (but not so poor as to qualify for Medicaid), or else you’re one of those young fools who thinks they’re invincible. So you’re gonna, what, get a blood test or a PAP smear or funny lump biopsied by “shopping around” for your labwork? Without a doctor’s referral? I don’t get it. Who’s taking the sample? If it’s a PAP or a biopsy, you need to see a doctor. So I’m just confused who would be “shopping around” for their labwork.

And is cost really the only issue when it comes to who is analyzing your lab work? Or even the most important issue? Isn’t accuracy kind of important, too? Even more important than cost? I mean, I can divine your labwork by gazing into a crystal ball and I’ll do it for $5. Don’t think I’d get many takers.

Or is she saying this is for people who are in the healthcare system? So that when I get my annual PAP smear or have a funny lump biopsied, I’m going to have to shop around and tell my doctor which lab I want processing my test sample? Like I have time for this? Like “consumer choice” is something I have time to deal with in my life? (And yes, I’ve already been down this road with Bill Frist and his infatuation with “shopping” for healthcare). Because again, cost is the only thing I’m supposed to care about?

Please tell me what I’m missing here. I swear to Goddess, Republican infatuation with “shopping” is so far removed from the way most of us navigate our daily lives. I do not want to shop for this shit. Who would? What consumers want, and deserve, is the absolute best healthcare, when they need it, without having to go bankrupt. Always and forever. That’s not shopping, that’s fixing our fucked up system.


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What’s Freedom Got To Do With It

This story pretty much sums up what’s behind the ammosexual agenda, IMHO:


Officials said two men stopped in front of the school when the suspect got out of his car and asked the other driver if he “had a problem” while lifting his shirt to show his gun.

I’d say for a good 80% of the carry-everywhere gun loons out there — including this Georgia nutball who paraded around Atlanta’s international airport with a loaded AR-15, then complained about being “harassed” when law enforcement logically wondered what the fuck he was doing — the urge to be armed stems not from any love of the Constitution or Freedom but from a burning desire to just be obeyed for once. It’s Falling Down Syndrome, aka conservative ressentiment , the inability to cope with their cultural irrelevance. It’s losing your shit over America’s slow but enduring shift toward multi-culturism and tolerance while your worldview is stuck in an increasingly remote backwater. But by God you can flash your gun and get that asshole off your bumper, amiright fellas?

Every time one of these incidents happens I’m reminded of the eventual death of cultural conservatism. Because nothing screams “I lost the argument” like having to flash a gun to get your way.


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When Two Gun Nuts Love Each Other Very, Very Much

This story just went into irony overdrive:

Man Who Shot At George Zimmerman Will Use Stand Your Ground Defense

Matthew Apperson, the man on trial for shooting at George Zimmerman (the man who got acquitted for shooting Trayvon Martin), will argue he acted in self-defense by standing his ground against George Zimmerman (the man who argued he acted in self-defense, essentially by standing his ground against Trayvon Martin.)

According to the AP, Apperson plans to request a Stand Your Ground hearing before his trial begins—a step Zimmerman skipped during his 2012 murder trial.

As I posted last month when this whole incident first happened, Apperson and Zimmerman have a long, tortured history with each other. Both are concealed-carry permit holders. And how exactly is this not the Wild Wild West scenario we’ve always warned about?

Near as I can tell, both of these “responsible citizens” are a public menace.


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