Jeb Bush Not Clear On How The Internet Works

Good grief:


Jeb Bush, a rumored 2016 Republican presidential candidate, just decided to publish hundreds of thousands of emails sent to him during his time as governor of Florida. On its face it seems like a great idea in the name of transparency, but there’s one huge problem: neither Bush nor those who facilitated the publication of the records decided to redact potentially sensitive personal information from them.

“In the spirit of transparency, I am posting the emails of my governorship here,” a note on Bush’s website says. “Some are funny; some are serious; some I wrote in frustration.” Some also contain the email addresses, home addresses, phone numbers, and social security numbers of Florida residents. The emails are available in Outlook format, and can be searched on the web at Bush’s website.


Holy identity theft, Governor! Not exactly an auspicious start for the campaign here.


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Fun With Crowdfunding v2.0

Sure, we enjoyed mocking the “Wrongfully Accused Oppression Fund,” which attempted to raise $10,000 for some open carry activists’ legal defense fund and has brought in more disparaging comments than donations. But they appear to have done better than Texas Open Carry, whose GoFundMe “big push” to raise $25,0000 has netted just $55 in 9 months.

All together now: ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!


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Good News Friday

Got your good news! Huzzah!

• Jobs, jobs, jobs: the past three months have seen the U.S. economy produce jobs at a rate not seen since 1997.

• The 10 Safest Cities In The World: if you are surprised that New York City was the only American city to make the list, join the club.

• Useful idiot: Unlicensed open carry legislation is dead in Texas after the head of Open Carry Tarrant County threatened legislators who voted against the bills with death “for treason.”

• A Kazakh herder in Northern China found a 17-pound gold nugget while resting in the mining area of Altay.

• Vietnam decriminalized gay marriage.

• Asia Pulp & Paper, which in 2013 committed to halt rainforest deforestation, appears to be making good on that promise, according to the Rainforest Alliance.

Republicans’ filibuster chickens have come home to roost. Good news? Maybe not, but after 8 years of Republican obstructionism I think we’re entitled to a little schadenfreude.

• U.S. energy efficiency is on the increase, coal is dying, and renewable energy is surging: there’s a lot of good news on the American energy front.

• Harper’s Lee’s first novel, thought lost, has been found and will be published this summer. Can’t wait.

• The CIA agent who’s been in prison for blowing the whistle on the U.S. torture program is now fulfilling the remainder of his sentence at home with his family.

• Not good news, but file this under weird news: in 2008 the Pentagon authored a report claiming Vladimir Putin has Asperger’s Syndrome:

The research was conducted by the Office of Net Assessment, a secretive, internal Pentagon think tank. It defined Asperger’s syndrome as “an autistic disorder which affects all of his decisions.”

The analysis is solely based on videos of Putin’s public actions, dating back to the year 2000. The researchers did not claim to have access to any data from scans of Putin’s brain.

According to the report, “Putin’s neurological development was significantly interrupted in infancy.”

The study also hypothesizes that Putin suffered an “insult” to his brain while he was still in his mother’s womb and that she may have suffered a stroke while pregnant with him. Researchers theorized that may have affected the way Putin thinks and moves the right side of his body.

“His primary form of compensation for his disorder is extreme control and this is reflected in his decision style and how he governs,” the report says.

Hmm. Video diagnoses? Wonder if ex-Sen. Bill Frist was involved?

• Ten Frank Lloyd Wright buildings have been nominated to the list of World Heritage Sites by the U.S. Department of the Interior. Mr. Beale and I are huge Frank Lloyd Wright fans. We’ve seen five of the 10 nominated sites. Yes, we’re geeks.

• In the mother of all ironies, the Tea Party group True The Vote, which challenges voter eligibility, found that 59% of the voters stricken from Kansas’ voter rolls in a recent “anti-voter fraud” purge are actually eligible to vote. Major fail all around.

Good News, Tennessee Edition:

• The Tennessee Highway Patrol’s canine units get protective vests.

• The Tennessee State Supreme Court has ruled against Barrett Firearms over a land dispute. It’s an interesting case with a lot of moving pieces to it, but basically Barrett was hoping the State of Tennessee would in essence bail them out of their obligations on an access road. Corporate welfare, etc.


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The Unwashed Free Hand

Proving yet again that Libertarians are morons, I bring you North Carolina “free market” Republican Thom Tillis:

WASHINGTON (AP) — Congressional Republicans are challenging several health regulations, with one senator suggesting restaurants shouldn’t have to make their employees wash their hands after bathroom visits.

Such restaurants would have to prominently disclose their decision, and then would probably would go out of business, said newly elected GOP Sen. Thom Tillis of North Carolina. But they should have that choice, he said.


“Let them decide” such issues, Tillis said, adding: “That’s probably one where every business that did that would go out of business. But I think it’s good to illustrate the point, that that’s the sort of mentality we need to have to reduce the regulatory burden on this country.”

Um, Okay. So basically you want to get rid of one regulation requiring employees wash their hands and replace it with a different one requiring restaurants post a sign if they opt out. This is preferable how? Because it sounds more shiny, sparkly, free-markety? Really? Because all you’re doing is shifting the “burden” to restaurant consumers, who would then have to hunt around for some sign. Never mind the idea that if you’re going to opt out of a hand-washing regulation, maybe you’ll dodge a sign-posting one, too. We’ll just never know.

This makes my life better how, exactly?

See, this is what’s wrong with Libertarians. They think that the glorious unfettered magical free hand of the market makes everything wonderful when all it really does is burden the general public. You know what? I have a life. I don’t want to have to research every fucking restaurant in town to determine if they’re opting out of certain health regulations or not. I’d much rather have a health department fully staffed with health inspectors who enforce our health laws. If we truly did make our restaurant health regulations optional, I’d never eat out again. Because if you’re going to skirt one, you’ll no doubt skirt all the others. And for fuck sakes, Thom Tillis: a regulation is a goddamn regulation. One isn’t “better” because it sounds more “choicey.”

You people are fucking idiots. Please, let’s keep them as far away from the reins of power as possible.


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Fun With Crowdfunding

Some Texas open carry loons are trying to crowdfund their lawsuit against the Arlington PD, which arrested them during one of their lame demonstrations. They’ve only raised $160 out of a needed $10,000 but they’ve generated a few hilarious comments in the process. Friends, I bring you the Wrongfully Arrested Oppression Fund!

Some of my favorite comments:


fund 2

Fund 3

Is there nothing more precious than an open carry crybaby? I think not.


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Congratulations, Patrick King! You’re Our 2nd Amendment Hero Du Jour

Gun people are so, so, so responsible, you guys! Until they’re not:

Police and prosecutors say Patrick C. King, of Wells Avenue, was in the Crystal Hard Hat bar on Union Street in North Adams at about 12:15 a.m. when he displayed a loaded Smith & Wesson .357 revolver to a woman sitting next to him at the bar. When the bartender saw the gun, he went around the bar, approached King and told him to leave because weapons weren’t allowed in the bar.

The woman to whom King allegedly displayed the gun became frightened, walked outside and called police.

The bartender grabbed King’s wrist after King allegedly reached for the gun, police said.

During a brief struggle in which the bartender repeatedly told King to let go of the weapon, King said he would “kill all five of you,” referring to the bartender and several nearby bar patrons, according to a North Adams police report.

The bartender was able to get the gun away from King and put it behind the bar, said police.

The woman who called police later told investigators King had been bragging about having a gun on him, according to the report.

After his arrest, King allegedly admitted he had been drinking that evening. He refused to take a breath test but smelled like alcohol, had bloodshot glassy eyes and was slurring his speech, said police.

Drunk guy with loaded gun in a bar, bragging, waving his weapon around, grows belligerent. Just another day (or night) in America, right? So what makes this case out of Massachusetts worthy of 2nd Amendment Hero status? One has to read to the very bottom of the story to find out:

King owns Pat’s Gun Shop in Lanesborough, according to the report.

AH. This is the guy who is selling guns to the public, who is responsible for following all background check laws. Who broke several gun laws his ownself. So, so responsible, y’all!


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Good News Friday

Well, crap. WordPress ate my earlier post where I whined about killing the blog. Whatevs.

• Researchers in Australia have made a breakthrough in curing peanut allergies.

• A 70-year-old North Carolina man has been exonerated after serving nearly 40 years of a life sentence for double murder.

• The free hand of the market has spoken and it does not like the death penalty: Ohio postpones all executions after state is unable to obtain lethal injection drugs.

• A rare Sierra Nevada red fox seen in Yosemite National Park, the first of its kind seen in the area in 100 years.

• Arkansas high school football star invites girl with genetic disorder to prom. Let’s hope this isn’t Carrie II.

• The Church of England ordained its first female bishop. Congratulations, Libby Lane.

• “Literary time capsule” now readable thanks to science: a new technique will allow scholars to read brittle papyrus rolls found in the ash of Mt. Vesuvius.

• House Republicans drop their 20-week abortion ban bill over concerns from female Republican lawmakers.

Good News, Tennessee Edition:

• Congratulations, Chelsey Davis of Pellissippi State Community College, who was invited to the State of the Union address as a guest of First Lady Michelle Obama.


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