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Al Gore Gets Internet Honor

Remember when Al Gore was roundly mocked by conservatives and the “liberal” media for saying he invented the internet? (Which he didn’t say, but whatever… )

Well, lookie who is going to be inducted into the first Internet Hall of Fame for his contributions to creating the world wide web. To be specific:

The group’s description of Gore states: “Al Gore, the 45th Vice President of the United States, was a key proponent of sponsoring legislation that funded the expansion of and greater public access to the Internet. Instrumental in helping to create the ‘Information Superhighway,’ Gore was one of the first government officials to recognize that the Internet’s impact could reach beyond academia to fuel educational and economic growth as well.”

Uh-huh. You know what’s pathetic? Tennessee Republicans are so petty, they derailed a statue of Gore (and fellow Nobel Peace Prize winner Cordell Hull) at the state capitol. Dude is honored everywhere but his hometown. Because they’re just that insecure.


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