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The Company He Keeps

Those guys Mitt Romney’s hanging around with? Yeah, they’re assholes. Oh, and Republicans? You sure you want to be making a big deal about these allegedly politically-motivated leaks? After all that Valerie Plame/Joe Wilson stuff you did? Think we forgot about that? We didn’t.


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As I’ve said before, I’m super busy right now on some work stuff and I just can’t devote my usual amount of time to blogging. But maybe you trusty blog followers can help ol’ Southern Beale out?

It seems John McCain’s entire 2008 oppo research file on Mitt Romney has been leaked to the internet. Check it out here and let me know if you find anything juicy. Keep in mind it’s four years old.

h/t, GottaLaff at The Political Carnival.


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A Riddle Wrapped In Hypocrisy Buried In Stupidity

I meant to blog about this last week and forgot:

When Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney announced a $50,000 yearly fundraiser at the Star Island home of pharmaceutical kingpin Phil Frost, it didn’t take long for the liberal Think Progress website to note the glaring irony: Frost’s company makes the very type of contraception that Romney falsely bashed as an “abortive” pill.

The Concerned Women of America are very concerned. The president of CatholicVote.org is giving Romney a cautionary pass:

The DC did note, however, that Brian Burch, President of CatholicVote.org, said he understood that Romney would take money from those with whom he doesn’t entirely agree: “What matters is whether a President Romney will end all taxpayer support for abortion-inducing drugs, repeal unconstitutional mandates that force private institutions to cover such drugs, and whether he will make progress in building a culture of life. We are confident that Mitt Romney is committed to these goals.”

Yeah, yeah, yeah. Sure, keep telling yourself that, buddy.

Here’s what I don’t get. I get Romney attending fundraisers from people like this, he’s going to take money from anyone. I get that conservatives will make excuses for him. What I do not get is why someone like Phil Frost would be holding a damn fundraiser for the very candidate and the very political party throwing up roadblocks right and left to the sale of his company’s product.

What. The. Fuck?

Phil Frost is chairman of the board of Teva Pharmaceuticals. Teva makes Plan B, which conservative keep trying to pretend is an “abortion pill” and which Republicans keep trying to prevent women from using with their “conscience clauses” and crap like what the state of Alabama is trying to pass: a bill forcing women to jump through so many medically unnecessary hoops as to render the concept of emergency contraception null and void.

So why the hell are people like Phil Frost supporting Republicans who hate their product and keep spreading misinformation about what it is and what it does? Why would you do that? Why would your political activism be diametrically opposed to your business interests?

And why hasn’t anyone at Teva called him on that? The CEO? Other members of the board? Anyone?


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Things That Make You Go WTF?


Flip and FLOP….


Mitt Romney now says he supports the right of gay couples to adopt children.

This after stating unequivocally that he does not support marriage equality or even civil unions.

Note: back in February he bragged about trying to allow Massachusetts adoption agencies to discriminate against gay couples.

Holy flip-flop, Batman! In what universe is it okay to let gays adopt kids but not get married? How exactly is that supposed to work, Mittens? So a couple is supposed to just make do with some bizarro gray area of legal guardianship for their kids? I can see all sorts of problems with that scenario, things related to emergency care, travel overseas, and also: what about custody when a gay couple breaks up? No one ever talks about one of the main arguments for gay marriage which is, frankly, gay divorce. If you think a property settlement when you’re not married in the eyes of the law is a mess, just wait until you throw a couple kids into the mix. Or, I know: let’s ask Florida.

I mean, really. WTF?

You know what I think? I think someone’s views are “evolving,” in the sense that someone looked at some poll numbers and stuck his finger in the air and figured out which way the wind is blowing. And now he looks like a giant dumfuck because what he’s really advocating is some strange legal limbo for the children of gay couples.

I think what he’d really like to do is go back and say, “well, maybe civil unions … ” or something — anything — to cover his ass now that he looks like an intolerant bigot, especially after that whole bullying his gay classmate at prep school incident came out. Which he doesn’t remember but he’s really sorry for anyway.

Jesus, Mittens. Just learn to shut your gob if you don’t know what you’re talking about.


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Mitt Romney’s Money Shot

Apparently this just happened. I’m going to guess Photoshop was involved but it is true you can’t spell “Romney” without “m-o-n-e-y.”

BTW, if this wasn’t Photoshopped, it deserves an American Moran Gold Medal Award.

(h/t, Dangerous Minds)


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Romney: For Govt. Handouts Before He Was Against Them

How did Mitt Romney turn the 2002 Salt Lake City Winter Olympic Games into such a financial success? Just your modern conservative grift, of course! By funneling taxpayer money away from public services and straight into the pockets of private, for-profit entities. From the memory hole, December 2001 Sports Illustrated edition:

For the past few years, while attention was focused on the Great Olympic Bribery Scandal—in which Salt Lake City boosters dispensed as much as $7 million in gifts, travel, scholarships, medical care, jobs and other goodies to IOC members (and their relatives and companions) to ensure that Utah’s capital city would be chosen to host the 2002 Winter Games—private and public interests have siphoned an estimated $1.5 billion out of the U.S. Treasury, all in the name of those same Olympics. Two months before the Games, Utah has already walked away with the gold while setting records in four categories:

Total federal handouts. The $1.5 billion in taxpayer dollars that Congress is pouring into Utah is 1� times the amount spent by lawmakers to support all seven Olympic Games held in the U.S. since 1904—combined. In inflation-adjusted dollars.

Enrichment of private interests. For the first time, private enterprises—primarily ski resorts and real estate developments-stand to derive significant long-term benefits from Games-driven congressional giveaways.

Most government entities tapped for cash. With all the skill, grace and precision of a hockey team on a power play, Utah’s five-member congressional delegation has used the Olympics to drain money from an unprecedented number of federal departments, agencies and offices—some three dozen in all, from the Office of National Drug Control Policy to the Agriculture Department.

Most U.S. tax dollars per athlete. Federal spending for the Salt Lake City Games will average $625,000 for each of the 2,400 athletes who will compete. (Not a penny of it will go to the athletes.) That’s a 996% increase from the $57,000 average for the 1996 Atlanta Olympics. It’s a staggering 5,582% jump from the $11,000 average for the 1984 Summer Games in Los Angeles. Again, these are inflation-adjusted dollars. (If the minimum wage had gone up at the same pace since ’84, the average McDonald’s hamburger flipper today would earn $190 an hour.)

Earmarks, gotta love ’em. This is why business people make such lousy public servants. They don’t understand the concept of government being not-for-profit, the idea of the public good, the commons, or that the Treasury is not their personal slush fund. All they know how to do is grift and fleece and help their friends.

It’s that overarching sense of entitlement: what’s mine is mine, and what’s yours is mine.

The article takes an in-depth look at the billionaires and multi-millionaires who got ever-richer at the taxpayer trough thanks to Mitt Romney’s boondoggle, plus some of the convoluted schemes and sleight-of-hand maneuvering that made it all happen. For instance, check out C.C. Myers, billionaire construction magnate and private developer, who got the sweetest deal of all: a brand-new, two-mile-long road (and utilities!) built straight through his private real estate development, all paid for by the federal government. Here’s the best part:

One obstacle remained to the speedy construction of the two-mile access road, to be known as Bear Hollow Drive. If the Utah Department of Transportation, the state agency responsible for highway construction, handled the job, it could insist on building the road to meet both county and state standards, a costly requirement. Again, not to worry. The Olympics make all things possible.

The Utah Sports Authority assigned responsibility to the state’s Division of Facilities Construction & Management, an agency that builds buildings, not highways. The result might have been anticipated: a winding, two-lane road with grades exceeding county standards and prone to slides and sinkholes.

Regulations, schmegulations! Who needs ’em! They’re just an oppressive block to job creators! Who cares if public money paid for a crappy road, prone to slides and sinkholes? Myers doesn’t. After all, it’s the public who pays to clear off the debris and fix the potholes. Plus, he made a mint:

The road paid off handsomely for Myers and his partners. County assessment records show that in 1990 the Summit Ranch land was valued for tax purposes at about $3 million. Ten years later the land alone—excluding the houses that had been built—was valued at $48 million, a sixteenfold increase. In the last year sale prices for homes in the partnership’s development, known as Sun Peak, have ranged between $320,000 and $1.5 million.

Welcome to Mitt Romney’s world. You want more of that good ol’ fashioned American grift? Where the 1% can pretend to be hardy, boot-strap pulling American entrepreneurs who got where they are by the sweat of their brow? Hoping you won’t notice they’ve got their hands in the taxpayer till? Then vote for Mitt Romney next November, he’ll subject the whole country to his warped notion of free market principles.


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Scaring Them All The Way To The Voting Booth

I just can’t imagine who is buying these bullshit theatrics about Iowa that are all over my TeeVee this morning. Every news channel is full-on Iowa right now, as if we’re all supposed to be biting our fingernails and staying up nights wondering what’s gonna happen! Even Mr. Beale got disgusted this morning and switched to Bob Newhart Show re-runs.

As I’ve said before a thousand times, anyone who doesn’t know that Mitt Romney will be the GOP nominee is delusional or on crack. All the rest of this stuff is just media-generated theatrics pretending to be news because the media is too far removed from its audience to recognize what is important to us and what isn’t. The national media still thinks we believe our system functions the way we were told it does when we were in third grade. They think we believe the BS, but really, does anymore buy this nonsense? I don’t.

Who thinks Iowa and New Hampshire matter? They don’t. The Romney fix has been in since day one. Maybe I’m a cynic, but really: throwing a new, ever-more hilarious name onto the front page every four weeks (Palin! Trump! Bachmann! Perry! Cain! Gingrich!) has only discredited the media, not served to convince any sane person that the Republican Party has a stable of political talent ready to lead the nation. (See how Newsweek tarnished its brand for a sense of what I’m talking about here.)

So, let’s ignore all of the nonsense and fast forward to the time when Mitt Romney becomes the Republican nominee. Here’s an old campaign flyer Joe My God unearthed from the memory hole:

He writes:

As regards the 1994 flyer above, the one funny thing about Romney’s inevitable nomination is how he is so viciously hated by the anti-gay industry. When they’re not tweeting lies about man-dog marriage, they’re usually spewing attacks on “homo-lover Romney.” So that aspect of Romney’s nomination, at least, will be suh-weet to witness.

I think Romney is pretty much despised by all of the Republican base. Between his flip-flopping on everything, his liberalism, his stiffness and lack of charisma, his elitist background, his membership in the Country Club Class, there’s not a lot for the meat-and-potatoes conservative voter to like. What we’re going to see, which I don’t think will be “suh-weet to witness,” is 11 months of ever more hysterical fearmongering about Obama and the Democrats as the Republican machine tries to scare its base to the polls. They know their candidate is a dog so all they’ve got are lies and scare tactics to whip up the voter turnout.

If you thought 2004 with its Swift Boat lies and Justice Sunday events and fearmongering about terra terra terra was bad, or 2008 with the birther nonsense and Obama-is-a-secret-Muslim-trained-at-a-madrassa, fasten your seatbelts, it’s only gonna get worse. “Socialism” was the buzzword of the 2010 midterms; I predict some wackadoodle crazy crap that will make fearmongering about Sharia Law look like a sober policy discussion.

The only question is whether the media will continue to treat Republican scare tactics seriously. Judging by the last few election cycles, the answer is yes.


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Mitt Romney Memory Hole

Much is being made of Matt Romney’s birther joke, which stirred a memory from Mittens’ last failed attempt to win the favor of Republican voters. Back then he was asked why none of his strapping young sons had served in the military. The answer, from the memory hole:

Romney: Sons Serve Country By Campaigning

(AP) Republican presidential hopeful Mitt Romney on Wednesday defended his five sons’ decision not to enlist in the military, saying they’re showing their support for the country by “helping me get elected.”


Romney noted that his middle son, 36-year-old Josh, was completing a recreational vehicle tour of all 99 Iowa counties on Wednesday and said, “I respect that and respect all those and the way they serve this great country.”

Oh, the unbearable, insufferable hubris of our ownership class. An RV tour of Iowa to elect his dad is somehow comparable to those serving in Iraq or Afghanistan? I don’t think so, Mittens. Of course, he’s refashioned himself into a “populist” now.

Sorry, it was hard to type that without laughing myself silly.


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Romney Whitewashes Healthcare Statement In 2nd Memoir Edition

The problem with Mitt Romney isn’t his religion — it’s his flip-flopping on his own healthcare plan:

(ORLANDO, Fla.) — After the Republican presidential debate Thursday night, a senior advisor to Mitt Romney acknowledged that a line about spreading health care reform throughout the country was changed in the paperback version of Romney’s book No Apology.

Texas Gov. Rick Perry said during the Florida debate that Romney took out the single line that suggested the Massachusetts health reform law could be applied to the country. The line that is removed in the paperback version reads, “We can accomplish the same thing for everyone in the country.

Oh, Republicans. You keep painting yourselves into a corner! Romney even denied his book had been changed, saying:

“I actually — I actually wrote my book, and in my book I said no such thing. What I said — actually, when I put my health care plan together — and I met with Dan Balz, for instance, of The Washington Post. He said, is this a plan that if you were president you would put on the nation, have the whole nation adopt it? I said, absolutely not. I said, this is a state plan for a state, it is not a national plan.”

Le Sigh. Look, this stuff can be checked too easily. Why even lie about it? Do you think people won’t check? You’re looking like an ass. Either stand behind what you said, or say you were wrong and you’ve learned something since then. Don’t pretend you didn’t say it! That’s beyond asinine. It’s kind of making you look like a political opportunist with zero credibility.

Romney staffer Eric Fehrnstrom tried desperately to paint the edit as a change akin to fixing a typo:

“Every time a book goes from hardcover to paperback there are updates that are made,” said Fehrnstrom after the debate. “When Mitt Romney wrote his book No Apology it came out before the health reform law passed and the stimulus bill passed came so of course there were updates a year later when the paperback edition came out. That’s not unusual in the publishing industry.”

“They were simple updates to reflect that we had more information at the time the paperback came out,” said Fehrnstrom.

I just want to die laughing right now. Really? You now have “more information”? Such as how extreme the base of the Republican Party has become? The very people you have to suck up to in order to secure the nomination need you to pass their ideological purity test, and you can’t? And there are True Conservatives running for the nomination who can? But those folks could never, ever have broad enough appeal to win a general election?

Sucks to be you, dude. I can’t believe these things didn’t figure into your game plan. You’ve only been running for president for how many years now? Well, how unprepared are you? And you really think lying about your state healthcare reform is going to work?

I know it’s hard for Mitt Romney to pretend to be a True Conservative who wants to repeal “Obaamcare” while the public record shows the exact opposite. But surely you folks saw this coming, didn’t you? You didn’t have a better game plan than just denial and whitewashing the public record whenever possible?

It’s the lack of credibility, stupid.

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