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There Is No Common Ground For You To Find

I don’t always agree with Chris Matthews of “Hardball” fame, nor do I even like him especially — he’s enamored with the sound of his own voice and the cleverness of his own ideas, and honestly if I hear one more time about how Tip O’Neill and Ronald Reagan shared a collegial glass of Scotch, I’m gonna puke. But every now and then he’s right, and you can tell he’s right this time because the wingers are going apeshit about it.

Last night I caught the tail end of “Hardball” and his final bit (called, unironically, “Let Me Finish”), and he addresses something that’s been bugging us lefties for a long time. (Click the funky link below as I can’t seem to embed the MSNBC videos, unfortunately, FYWP).

Matthews observes, correctly, that governing isn’t about “finding common ground”: there is no common ground to find. That’s why we have two parties in the first place! Republicans have their way of doing things and Democrats have a different way. That’s kind of the point. How progress is made on issues is through compromise, not looking for common ground where none exists.

That’s what “bipartisanship” means. It means compromise. It doesn’t mean one side gets the other one to do it their way. Compromise means your side gives a little, my side gives a little, and together we forge a solution that addresses the issue of the day. Not: you do everything my way and shut up.

As I said, wingnuts are going apeshit over Matthews’ words — I think they’re a little embarrassed that he called them on one of their favorite ploys, which is to not give an inch and then whine and moan that those mean Democrats refuse to be “bipartisan.” I’ve been writing about this nasty little trait of theirs for yearshere’s a choice post from over four years ago, here’s another one from just two years ago — and I’m certainly not the only one whose noticed this mutating definition of “bipartisanship.” I’m just thrilled that one of our gasbag pundits has finally gotten a clue, too.

Check it out:



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Charlie Brown, He’s A Clown


Welcome, Wonketteers!


Pith reports that state Dem leaders saw this debacle coming but were powerless to stop it (why I have no clue. How about a campaign that says “DON’T JUST VOTE FOR THE FIRST NAME ON THE LIST THEY’RE PROBABLY DUMBASSES. THINK BEFORE YOU VOTE.” Whatever). Anyway, Mary Mancini’s name is being floated to replace Roy Herron, and I think it’s a damn good idea. She’s probably tuckered out from the state senate race though.

Unless this is some kind of scam, this is the guy who won the Democratic nomination for the Governor’s race in yesterday’s primary. His “maine intention” is to bring the Bible back to schools, he wants to raise the state speed limit to 80, tells everyone to join the NRA, and wants to “buy hugh deers for our Wild Life areas.”

His was the first name on the ballot; as we’ve seen in the past (*cough*cough*Mark Clayton*cough*cough), the first name on the ballot is usually the craziest mo-fo hoping to scam state Democrats into the nomination. Looks like it’s working. (No, I did not vote for him. I would not be scammed.)

This is a ginormous embarassment for the TNDP. Another illiterate clown running on the TNDP ticket. I don’t understand why we can’t find a decent Democrat for these races. Yes, Bill Haslam will most likely win but for crying out loud, a campaign now lays the groundwork for future races.

I just don’t get it. Why does the TNDP want to be associated with illiterates and buffoons?


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Murica Murica Murica

Do you love Murica? Do you love it as much as right-wing propagandist/author/filmmaker/criminal/adulterer D’Nesh D’Souza does? Probably not! D’Nesh D’Souza has named so many of his little propaganda tomes “America” that he has confused the Great Gazoogle, and now if you are an America-lover like D’Nesh D’Souza and want to see his latest Murica-loving flick, named “America” (of course! Not to be confused with his last flick,
“Obama’s America,” though!), you had better not use the Google and maybe should try Fandango because Google’s algorithms say “that’s too much America, D’Nesh D’Souza!” What do you expect from a person whose first and last names begin with D-apostrophe? Really, people!

D’Souza’s camp is pretty sure this is all one big conspiracy from Liebrul-Obama-lovin’ Hollyweird, though:

“This is merely a reiteration of what we heard nearly a week ago, and yet the problem has persisted and potential moviegoers are still confused,” D’Souza told THR. “The American people need to know if Google is going to be a trustworthy source of news and information that doesn’t tilt in one political direction or another.”

Simultaneously to the Google controversy, Costco has been under fire for issuing an edict that all of its stores stop selling D’Souza’s latest book, America: Imagine a World Without Her, which is the source material for the movie.

Costco reportedly says its decision is based on lackluster sales, not politics, though critics point out that the book is poised to appear July 13 on the New York Times best sellers list. On Tuesday, the book was No. 3 at Amazon.com. Costco did not respond to a request for comment.

Poor little D’Nesh! He’s sooooooo oppressssssed, you guys! D’Nesh D’Souza is not having a good year, and it’s all Obama’s fault!


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Elections 4 $ale

I’m trying not to be too upset about SCOTUS’ ruling lifting the cap on individual campaign contributions. I mean, think about it: if money alone could decide an election, we’d have President Gingrich and Vice President Adelson today.

Trust me, I’m not thinking this is a good thing by any means. But let’s be real, the rich are not our betters, nor are they necessarily any smarter than anyone else. I just trotted over to OpenSecrets.org and got a look at Lee and Kelly Beaman’s latest campaign contributions. Here I found they both donated generously to Liz Cheney’s aborted senate campaign — not exactly a smart investment, since any idiot knew she wasn’t going to go the distance — as well as the notorious Palin grift vehicle known as SarahPAC. Now that we know they can just keep on giving, maybe these folks will all be bankrupt before too long. Fools and their money, after all.

The place this is really going to hurt, I think, is on things like ballot initiatives and local elections. Because even though this ruling only applied to federal elections, I have to wonder if states aren’t going to do away with their own restrictions now. Seems like a few have already tried.

But you know, here’s the thing: Congress could pass a law. They could say that corporations aren’t people and money isn’t speech and all of that other stuff. They could pass a law saying all federal elections have to be publicly financed. They won’t, but they could, if we elect the right people. So elections do matter.

Also, you know who the big beneficiary of this is, right? The corporate media. All of those campaign contributions run straight into their coffers, most of them at least. That explains a helluva lot, don’t it?

Gotta think the Founding Fathers are rolling over in their graves right now, though. If money is speech, the poor are voiceless. Is that your vision of America? Shameful.


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Kewl Republican Kids On Twitter

Best parody account EVER:





OK maybe not best ever, but I’m dying to know who’s behind this parody account. It seems to have sprung up out of nowhere.


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D’Nesh D’Souza’s Very Bad No Good Year

God I almost feel sorry for the guy except, y’know, he’s a pseudo-intellectual dick, so I don’t:

Conservative commentator, author Dinesh D’Souza indicted

(CNN) – Conservative commentator and author Dinesh D’Souza has been indicted by a federal grand jury on charges of making illegal contributions to a U.S. Senate campaign.

D’Souza allegedly made and arranged $20,000 in campaign donations to an unnamed campaign in 2012 and then reimbursed those who were directed to make contributions, according to the charges handed up in New York City.

Oh, woopsies. The New York Times report indicates the candidate in question was Wendy Long, New York’s Republican candidate for U.S. Senate who lost to Democrat Kirsten Gillibrand. Apparently D’Souza and Long went to Dartmouth together.

Not too long ago D’Souza was a very prominent conservative columnist and author, affiliated with such notable right-wing outfits as the American Enterprise Institute, the Hoover Institute, and National Review Online. He authored numerous books with juicy titles: stuff like The Roots of Obama’s Rage, Obama’s America: Unmaking the American Dream, The Enemy At Home: The Cultural Left and Its Responsibility for 9/11, Ronald Reagan: How An Ordinary Man Became an Extraordinary Leader and The Virtue of Prosperity (those five titles alone summarize the entirety of conservative thought, don’t you think?). He was also the guy who brought us that anti-Obama “documentary” “2016: Obama’s America,” which peddled conspiracy BS right before the election.

D’Souza was also an outspoken cultural and religious conservative, and president of King’s College, a private Christian college in New York City. A little over a year ago he got busted traveling with a woman who was not his wife — to be fair, D’Souza and his wife were divorcing and the other woman was his fiancee. But Christian colleges frown on such shenanigans and he got axed.

That was October 2012. Things just haven’t gone his way since.


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Remind Me Again How “Liberal” Chris Christie Is?

He’s a bully:


But here’s what I saw. After the rally, Christie made his way back to his campaign bus, flanked by low-key security guards. Tomlinson, who had been carrying a sign and handing out fliers from her Badass Teachers Association, asked Christie why he’d called New Jersey schools “failure factories.” Christie rounded on her, blurting out that he was sick of “you people.”

And check out the smug grin on his wife’s face. Of that, Weigel writes:

Mary Pat Christie smiled through the entire talk-off. Why? Because a local NBC News camera was facing her, capturing the scene. Two days later, I don’t see any trace of the video online. Is that a statement on how ordinary the confrontation was? Possibly.

Honestly, “you people”? Really? Let’s remember, this isn’t the first time Christie has blown his stack when confronted by citizens who oppose his anti-teacher agenda.

I don’t get these people who keep telling me that Christie is “really” a Democrat. No, he’s not. He’s another anti-choice, anti-union, privatize-everything asshole. And he’s a bully and a blowhard.

We’ve talked a lot about how right-wingers like a “tough guy.” I’ve mentioned before my Wingnut Friend™ who bemoaned before the 2008 presidential primaries that he “just wanted someone who can kick some ass!” That’s of course all they want: someone filled with a lot of hot air and bluster, who can give voice to their inchoate rage and dissatisfaction. Christie fits that bill nicely, which is why the murmurs of disappointment over Christie’s dropping his anti-gay lawsuit and making nice time with President Obama after Hurricane Sandy won’t amount to squat. As long as someone reflects the right’s anger, it doesn’t matter.

But for God’s sake, liberals. Stop giving Christie a pass. Christie, as Salon has pointed out, is playing on the oligarch’s team. It amazes me how readily people will label someone a “populist” just because they talk like one.

I don’t see anything “populist” in wagging your finger in a public school teacher’s face and yelling, “I’m sick of you people.”


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Controlling The Beast


In a warning shot to outside conservative groups, the National Republican Senatorial Committee this week informed a prominent Republican advertising firm that it would not receive any contracts with the campaign committee because of its work with a group that targets incumbent Senate Republicans.

Even more striking, a senior official at the committee called individual Republican Senate campaigns and other party organizations this week and urged them not to hire the firm, Jamestown Associates, in an effort to punish them for working for the Senate Conservatives Fund, a group founded by Jim DeMint, then a South Carolina senator, that is trying to unseat Senator Mitch McConnell of Kentucky, the Republican leader, and some other incumbents up for re-election next year whom it finds insufficiently conservative.

Thus the civil war inside the Republican Party has spread into the politico-industrial complex. I’m trying to think how blacklisting contractors who work for Tea Party candidates will do anything constructive. Aside from inflaming the base, isn’t that kinda going after low-hanging fruit?

What about the sugar daddies financing these folks? It’s fine to go after an ad agency, but what about the people paying the bills? What about the Koch Brothers or people like Nashville’s own Lee Beaman, a generous contributor to affiliated groups like the Club For Growth (a major backer of Ted Cruz) and Americans For Prosperity. Wonder if any of these people will get their hands slapped? It doesn’t sound like it.

The problem with the Republican Party, as I’ve written a gazillion times, is that the moderates are already extinct from a functional perspective. Even the most reasonable Republican imaginable, once elected, ends up playing on the same team as the knuckle-dragging Neanderthals who remain stubbornly committed to failed policies and ignorant ideas like “defaulting on our debt is just a pin-prick.” Time and time again we see the so-called “moderates” kow-tow to the mouthbreathers; this is how we ended up with a shuttered government for two weeks, folks. Even our spineless governor, Bill Haslam, is too weak-kneed to take on the fringe.

I’m reminded of a quote from a book I read years and years ago — I think it was Asne Seierstad’s The Bookseller Of Kabul — where a Pakistani man says he doesn’t support the brutal tactics of the Taliban in nearby Afghanistan, but he thinks Pakistan could benefit from “just a little bit of the Taliban.”

But there is no “little bit.” It’s all or nothing. And it’s the same with today’s Republicans. There’s no “little bit of the Tea Party,” it’s the whole thing. They just shut down the entire government because the moderates are extinct as a party force. That should tell you something right there.

The fact that party leadership still thinks they can control this beast they created without going after the Hydra’s head — the Koch billions — is just pathetic.


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Twitter Feed Of The Day

Tom Matzzie, former D.C. head of MoveOn.org, just live-tweeted former NSA and CIA head Michael Hayden’s “deep background” interview on NSA spying, which he gave while on the Acela. The irony here just overwhelms: the former NSA chief and CIA director giving “deep background” interviews bashing the administration on NSA spying, doing it in a public place, and getting eavesdropped on in the process. This is all waaaay too meta for me.

You can read the feed here, or, read the screen shots. I tried to put it in chronological order, and ended up messing it up:

Matzzie 4




Mwah. So much for “deep background.”

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Vets Tell Palin, Cruz To STFU

Well, they told someone to STFU. The Million Vet March on the Memorials didn’t quite draw a million veterans — more like 500, according to someone who was there (she even posed for a picture with Ted Cruz, imagine that!) — but the vets who organized the event are none too happy about the Confederates and Oath Keepers and other weirdos who “hijacked” their event and made them look like a bunch of racist loons. Seriously, smokers against Obamacare? That’s got Darwin Award written all over it. (Photos here, for a laugh.)

Anyway, if you go to the Vets’ website, you’ll see this:

vets rally

Good luck stuffing that toothpaste back in the tube, fellas. You know the old saying about lying down with dogs? Yeah, that.


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