>The Lowden Plan

>Poor Sue Lowden! She really stepped her foot in it.

Now we have a handy-dandy Medical Chicken Calculator. Find out just how many chickens that heart bypass surgery will cost!



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4 responses to “>The Lowden Plan

  1. >Thanks! I've added the calculator to the facebook "ChickenCare" group: http://www.facebook.com/#!/group.php?gid=119828144699328&ref=tsThis is no fowl plan!

  2. >This is no fowl plan!I think it's a bird-brained idea. If I were going to wing-it in an interview, I'd show more pluck than this. Someone must have egged her on.Word to Sue Lowden: time to lay low.{dusts off hands}

  3. Jim

    >SB – that response is just wrong in so many ways… shame on you for even posting it :p.