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FUN FACT: The Colorado baker who refused to bake a cake for a gay couple now has a gay governor.

FUN FACT: Maxine Waters will have the power to subpoena Trump’s banks in January.

FUN FACT: Mysoginist MN GOP Rep. Jason Lewis, who once complained that he couldn’t call women sluts, has lost re-election to a Democratic woman.

FUN FACT: Gun control advocate Lucy McBath, whose son was gunned down at a Florida gas station by a white man complaing about loud music, has defeated the NRA-endorsed, A-rated Karen Handel.

FUN FACT: Brian Kemp, architect of Georgia’s voter suppression, had trouble voting yesterday because of an issue with his voter registration card.

FUN FACT: Anti-gay marriage, pro-Trump Tea Party darling Rep. Kevin Yoder just lost re-election to a lesbian Native American woman named Sharice Davids.

FUN FACT: In an election characterized by vile demonization of refugees and asylees, MN voters elected a refugee to Congress: Ilhan Omar, a Somali-American refugee.

FUN FACT: The climate change denying/anti-science/Koch Industries-supported Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker lost re-election to a former science teacher, Tony Evers. And he can’t ask for a recount, thanks to a law he signed himself last year.

FUN FACT: This magnificent rainbow appeared over the U.S. Capitol yesterday:

Democrats won big yesterday. Yoooooge. Trump’s whining and crying notwithstanding, yesterday was a big fuck you to Trump, Trumpism, hate, and the sharp departure from norms we’ve experienced these past two years.

Do I wish Phil Bredesen had beat Marsha Blackburn? Of course! Am I bummed about Beto O’Rourke? Absolutely! But people, Democrats were never supposed to win the Senate. The math was against us from the beginning, and the fact that in Texas, fer gosh sakes, a Republican had to fight for their life is saying something. (BTW, these electoral statistics will be stacked in Democrats’ favor in 2020. Just sayin’.)

I’m not back blogging but I just thought I’d do a happy dance.


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