Guns Aren’t Profitable

They can’t find a buyer for Remington. Colt Defense can’t pay its debt and is looking at filing Chapter 11. It appears gun manufacturing is not as profitable as the NRA would have you believe:

Still, the tide has turned against Cerberus and the gun industry, at least for now. Gun sales began slowing last year. Remington reported a nearly 28 percent drop in sales from 2013, to $939.3 million. And it swung to a $68.2 million loss from a $57.7 million profit. (The company also cited a recall of millions of triggers for its Remington Model 700, which has been reported to fire without the trigger’s being pulled, as weighing on its results.)

A chief rival, Smith & Wesson, said that its sales for the 12 months ended Jan. 31 fell about 15 percent, to $541.6 million.

Over all, the number of background checks processed by the National Instant Criminal Background Check System, a rough indicator of interest in gun sales, declined slightly in 2014, to just under 21 million.

Well, no wonder the NRA has to constantly pluck that fear nerve. Unless the gun humpers are constantly reminded that some liberal is trying to take away their guns, these idiots might forget that they need to stockpile weapons for Freedom. They might actually forget about tyranny and Sharia Law and the Blahs coming for their big-screen TVs.

They might actually go back to living their lives. And the gun-makers can’t have that.

Free hand of the market, people.


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3 responses to “Guns Aren’t Profitable

  1. Maybe a billionaire who’s interested in doing something about guns should buy the major gun manufacturers while they’re cheap and use that ownership to change their lobbying and marketing behavior. It would probably make a big difference to the politics of the issue if Remington and Colt came out in favor of trigger locks and closing the gun show loophole.