Congratulations , Unidentified CA Man! You’re Our 2nd Amendment Hero Du Jour

A Southern California man accidentally shot himself in the balls last night:

A man accidentally shot himself in the testicles while walking down a street in Los Angeles Saturday, police said.

The 26-year-old was enjoying a stroll with his girlfriend on Beverly Boulevard and Robinson Street in Silver Lake at around 12:45 a.m. when he heard a pop, a Los Angeles Police Department spokesman said.

Much to his dismay, he discovered his gun had accidentally discharged, with the bullet hitting him in the private parts.

He was rushed to the hospital in a stable condition. There were no other witnesses besides his girlfriend

Hard not to laugh at these people, it really is.


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9 responses to “Congratulations , Unidentified CA Man! You’re Our 2nd Amendment Hero Du Jour

  1. greennotGreen

    I went to the exotic pet show this weekend at the Fairgrounds. For some reason it is often held at the same time as the gun show. It’s so weird to be at an event that celebrates living things at the same time an event is held to celebrate killing things.

    • That’s so funny. I went to the Herb Society’s herb & plant sale yesterday morning, also at the Fairgrounds. I noticed the gun show and exotic pet show were also going on at the same time, in different parts of the complex. I think next year they should hold all three events in the same building. Would be far more entertaining.


  2. greennotGreen

    BTW, does this gentleman get a runner-up Darwin award if this event means he will be unable to procreate?

    • CB

      That would certainly be my wish, though a credible argument might be made for a full Darwin, if he’s taken his DNA out of the gene pool. 🙂

  3. Kosh III

    Let’s hope this keeps him from reproducing; it will improve the gene pool. Keep culling the herd!

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  5. ThresherK

    “Accidental discharge while enjoying a walk with his girlfriend” sounds like a start to the worst Jezebel sex advice column ever.

  6. I think it might be time for me to market a “head holster” to these idjits.