They Are Children

Arkansas’ Tea Party Senator Tom Cotton, showing yet again that he’s not ready for prime time, decided to call the Iranian foreign minister a coward on Twitter:


We all know that Cotton is an idiot, but this reaches a new level of hilarity. A United States Senator calling the Iranian foreign minister a coward on social media? What are you, 10 years old? Is this seriously how you think the U.S. Senate should address foreign policy issues?

So much for “the world’s greatest deliberative body.” Tea Party idiots like Cotton have it resembling a schoolyard.


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4 responses to “They Are Children

  1. Nailed it. Needs to be slapped into reality by his mother like that kid in Baltimore.

  2. This kind of thing is doubly hilarious given how many chickenhawk Republicans dodged the draft in Vietnam.

  3. themadkansan

    He deserves the epithet Charlie Pierce has given him: “Bobble-throated Slapdick”.

  4. Duke of Clay

    And the competition to be recognized as the stupidest person in the US Senate heats up. Obviously Cotton is in it to win it.