Walter Palmer, Worst Human In The World


And right on cue:


Good luck with that, asshole.


If you haven’t heard, the killer of Zimbabwe’s unofficial lion mascot Cecil is a Minnesota dentist/trophy hunter/repulsive excuse for a human being:

According to the Zimbabwe Conservation Task, Cecil was “lured out of a national park with food, shot with a crossbow, tracked for 40 more hours, then finished off with a gun” by Walter, who is a known trophy hunter. The murder of Cecil is horrifying on its own, but now the many lion cubs left behind are at risk of being killed without Cecil around to protect the pride.

Cecil was found skinned and beheaded. Palmer claims he “didn’t know” the animal he shot was protected and “beloved” but the guy completely lacks credibility. As ABC noted:

In 2008, Palmer pleaded guilty to making false statements to the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service about a black bear he shot and killed in Wisconsin outside of an authorized hunting zone, according to court documents.

Serial liar. Also, apparently sued for sexual harassment. Charming person.

The internet is doing what the internet always does: express its righteous outrage. Dr. Palmer’s Yelp page is certainly interesting, and with Yelp deleting comments as fast as they can be posted, I thought I’d capture a few screen shots for your enjoyment. I hope there’s a bankruptcy in this sadist’s future.







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11 responses to “Walter Palmer, Worst Human In The World

  1. Shutter

    There ain’t gonna be no Day of Judgement, there ain’t no heaven nor hell and there ain’t no reincarnation and there ain’t no Karma. There’s just is and isn’t. When its over, its over.

    But there is luck. Not chance, thats just a roll of the dice. I’m talking about luck. You’ve got it or you don’t. Appreciate it, savor the lucky moments but never count on your good luck. Because you can burn it all up in one huge flare of stupidity. And then you’re exposed, naked in front of the world and all the bad shit can come your way and your luck ain’t there to help you out.

    I hope that this guys luck has just run out.

  2. No words can describe my feelings right now.

  3. Kathleen

    Can Zimbabwe persecute him?

    • LOL you mean prosecute, right? I’m pretty sure they’re persecuting him! So, the news stories I’m reading say they are trying to take whatever legal action tehy can. I don’t know if he can be extradited or what, or if our government would even do that.

  4. greennotGreen

    I’d like him to set up a “Oh, Fuck Me” site. The more donations it receives, the more time he spends in jail, and the more money goes to poaching patrols and prosecution.

  5. Martin Norred

    SB, your headline says, Worlds Worst Human, as to the last word, I think you’re assuming facts not in evidence! But worlds worst, may be granting him too much credit. I feel that he is worse than that!

  6. I have a book of short stories by T.C. Boyle (between reading him and Rick Moody, it’s a wonder I haven’t shot MYSELF with a cross-bow!). Similar plot, except in this one, the lion and the zebra get killed then the “intrepid white hunter” takes on an old, worn out, elephant cow who whacks him, hisgunzloon arm candy AND the guide.


  7. I have not commented or even thought about this story. My general depression is a result of a severe Vitamin D deficiency, but this story wouldn’t exactly clear away the clouds, so I’ll just agree with the article and cry a little.

    The only reason I’m even here now is to check on you, SB. It’s been a few days, and I simply can’t imagine you passing up the story about the armadillo that shot back that both Juanita Jean and Joe.My.God picked up. So, you doin’ okay down there — and if not and there’s anything someone in Brooklyn can do, write me.