“Real Black”


Rupert Murdoch regrets the error.


Rupert Murdoch on Twitter last night:

real black

Nobody knows how to be a “real black” person like an elderly white media mogul whose business model consists entirely of using pretty blonde things to scare the crap out of other elderly white people.


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11 responses to ““Real Black”

  1. Jill Meyer

    Very, very good!

  2. And, of course, a ‘real black person’ is someone who has a statement of approval on a book by someone who called the people attempting to get Mormons to ordain black people “Communist dupes” who were ‘distorting the religious tenet of the Church regarding the Negro and blowing it up to ridiculous proportions.’

    The writer’s name was W. Cleon Skousen, and it is a name you should remember and research, because he is one reason why Republicans will be fleeing Carson — possibly to the point of supporting Hillary were Carson to win the nomination. Carson, that ‘nice, soft-spoken man’ — to quote a friend of mine, a Democrat (well, someone who automatically votes for who her Union recommends, which is usually the same thing) — is actually far, far to the right of even Trump, Huckabee, and Cruz, He didn’t just recommend Skousen, but actually plagiarized — ‘accidentally’ — some of his work.

    And who is Skousen? Read the Wikipedia article, or the Mother Jones one. He was a Mormon conspiracy theorist and extreme ‘anti-Communist’ in the McCarthy sense, as well as the inspiration for another well-known commentator, Glenn Beck. He was one of the founding members of the Council on National Policy, with Tim LaHaye, Phyllis Schlafly, Howard Phillips, Richard Viguerie, etc.

    Skousen disregarded all federal regulatory agencies and argued against the creation of the Occupational Safety and Health Administration and the Environmental Protection Agency. He also wanted to repeal the minimum wage, eliminate unions, nullify anti-discrimination laws, sell off public lands and national parks, end the direct election of senators, eliminate the income tax and the estate tax, remove the walls separating church and state, and end the Federal Reserve System. (from the Wikipedia article.)

    Not that Skousen is an exception for Carson, who is a creationist, someone who would prohibit Muslims from becoming President, a signer of the pledge not merely to end SSM, but to prohibit it being spoken about in schools, etc. PFAW’s Right Wing Watch has 150 listings under him, and while some are mere mentions, there is enough (stinking, fly-specked, trichinosis-filled) meat to scare off even Murdoch once people zero in on Carson.

  3. Seeker

    President Obama is black enough when they’re terrified of him in the White House, but not black enough, apparently.

    • He was certainly black enough when they were circulating pictures of him dressed like a pimp or with just the whites of the eyes showing. Jesus these people are reprehensible.

  4. Carson is just a mediocre version of Clarence Thomas, the one BLACK member of the Supremes, the one who hates affirmative action and follows his white wife’s fake religious position on Abortion, gay marriage, etc. But Carson is so ignorant on guns and gun violence that he makes such ludicrous comments as inferring that victims of mass murder should stand up and try to stop the killing.

  5. Kathleen

    Carson is the Rethugs’ response to people who call them racist for posting pictures of Obama’s neck in a noose on Facebook. “See! We love ‘Negroes’ too Neener Neener Libtards”.