There’s Facebook Newsfeed Bias?

Perpetually-aggrieved conservatives are claiming that Facebook has somehow tilted trending topics on your newsfeed to the left, according to a recent Gizmodo report. The fact that perpetually-aggrieved conservatives are always claiming the world is really unfair to them isn’t worth mentioning here, is it? Remember, the IRS totally did the same thing, you guys! (Pro-tip: they didn’t.)

Whatever, I really could give a shit about perpetually-aggrieved conservatives and their martyr complex. They will never be happy, they’re always convinced that the world is out to get them, and maybe it is. Maybe it should be. They’re always wrong about everything, they lost the culture war and have disintegrated into being the South’s bathroom monitor. I mean how pathetic is that? How fucking stupid is that?

So now it’s Facebook being mean to them. Is it? Are there some Ivy League-educated apparatchiks clogging your Facebook newsfeed with liberal propaganda? Hell if I know. But here’s my Facebook newsfeed today:


Forget the liberal or conservative bias part here. Does anyone see any actual news in this thing? Good lord, it’s like People magazine: celebrity news and human interest BS. It’s always been this way. Every time I bother to notice my newsfeed, which is rarely, it’s some Kardashian bullshit or something about a waterskiing squirrel. Not even joking here. It’s not news, people!

I just think it’s super precious that right-wingers are playing the “we’re so oppressed!” card over something as non-relevant as your Facebook newsfeed. Like it’s important, or something.

Nothing says your political movement is dead like trying to make an issue out of something like this.


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12 responses to “There’s Facebook Newsfeed Bias?

  1. Kathleen

    It’s like the Bernie Bros who whine when they don’t like what blog hosts or commenters post. If you don’t like what you’re seeing just don’t go there or ignore what you don’t like. Too simple, I guess.

  2. Jim in Memphis

    Huh – I never noticed that little section over there on Facebook before. I didn’t even realize such a thing existed.

  3. Seems to me that there are two overlapping issues here..firstly the right wing victimhood card/ complex, exacerbated by an unhealthy level of paranoia, as in the “Liberal media” is simultaneously out to get us and ignore us…and the second point, if you had anything new, relevant, or newsworthy that was not the same old self-serving, selfish idiotic bullcrapola to serve it would receive more space and appreciation. Besides, this is puré infotainment, mostly fluffy garbage in the newsfeed anyway! Geez get over it, and worry more about what your moron-in-chief presumed nominee is spouting.

  4. Well, my question is: Why do they think WE, the rest of the civilized world, want to read their accusations, myths, and undocumented lies? When they appear on MY page, I delete their crap. Yep, they WHINE !

  5. Democommie

    Dear Ms. Beale:

    I don’t read no facebook stuff that isn’t pretty much from one of my friends (there might be one, y’know!) and my neasles and neflews. However, IF you hear about a Kardashian waterskiing while covered with rabid skwerlz, send me a link.

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  7. Bitter Scribe

    I get most of my internet news from Google News, and it constantly has links to Breitbart, Newsmax, National Review, etc. Guess I should get my shorts in a knot over that.

  8. Maybe I’m missing something but I’ve never had a Face Book account. In fact I’ve never even visited the Face Book web site. Every time I read stories like these I just nod to myself and continue to ignore Face Book.