Fun With Crowdfunding

Some Texas open carry loons are trying to crowdfund their lawsuit against the Arlington PD, which arrested them during one of their lame demonstrations. They’ve only raised $160 out of a needed $10,000 but they’ve generated a few hilarious comments in the process. Friends, I bring you the Wrongfully Arrested Oppression Fund!

Some of my favorite comments:


fund 2

Fund 3

Is there nothing more precious than an open carry crybaby? I think not.


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5 responses to “Fun With Crowdfunding

  1. Mike G

    The one possible upside is if we get some tealiban/libertarian traction behind the issue of police violence and militarization. Nothing much seems to happen when it’s considered only a “dirty hippie”/minority complaint.

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  3. Shutter

    The only thing worse than open-carry oedipal wrecks are those uniforms the Arlington cops have to wear. What are they, XXL onesies?

  4. “It is idiots like your people…”

    Classic case of the 99% making the rest of them look bad.

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