Congratulations, Unidentified KS Man Cody Deneault! You’re Our 2nd Amendment Hero Du Jour


Idiot got his concealed-carry after serving in the military in Africa. Dude needs a map, not a gun permit. You’re not in fucking Africa, you’re in Salina, Kansas, moron!

He also doesn’t think he was negligent for pocket-carrying without a holster. Sheer genius, right?


He’s a real expert, you guys.


A concealed-carrier shot himself in the leg in the middle of a movie last night:

Heather Myers, of Lindsborg, said she and her fiance had gotten a baby sitter for their three children and went to see “Maze Runner: The Scorch Trials” at the Central Mall cinema on a date night. About 45 minutes into the movie, she said, there was suddenly a loud boom about three rows in front of them.

She said a man yelled, “Oh, my God! I just shot myself! I just got my concealed carry.”

She said everybody jumped up, and somebody screamed, “Call 911!”

Brilliant. Now we can’t even go to the movies because of these idiots.

Of course, with the spate of movie theater mass shootings these past few years, more and more yahoos want to carry into the multiplex. It’s not exactly the best idea: ask this off-duty Florida cop, who left his gun in the movie theater bathroom, or this Memphis man who failed to follow a theater’s “no firearms” policy. This Salina CCW holder was asked to leave a movie theater after customers complained.

This part of the story cracked me up:

Myers said theater employees offered moviegoers the choice of waiting until the theater was cleaned up so the movie could resume or receiving vouchers for a free movie another time.

I can almost hear it now: “The movie shall resume as soon as we mop up all the blood.”

Welcome to the NRA’s America.


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  1. Not Surprised At All…


  2. Mary L. Wilson

    OK, SB, but I think the name of every idiot that has a ‘accident’ carrying ANY fire arm in public should be jailed for ‘endangering the public. And here in Upper East TN, Jeff County where an 11 year old shot and killed his 8 year old neighbor, he is to be charged with murder, but as far as I know, the names if the stupid, careless, idiotic parents have NEVER been released. The Daddy in the family made all his guns available to ALL 6 children living in that mobile home. What do you people think ??? Is he not responsible for this crime? Oh, the 21 year old down in Cleveland who KILLED a 2-year old baby…”ON PURPOSE” should be in jail with no bond allowed. WE NEED INTELLIGENCE TESTS and they must be passed before another loon gets his or her hands on a Fire Arm….right?

  3. Shutter

    Now THATS entertainment!

  4. Jim 'Prup' Benton

    I am still hopeful that the tipping point has been reached — as far as public opinion goes. It may take a little time to reach the Legislatures though. They’ll still be passing bills like this one that makes ‘Stand Your Ground even Worse but it’s publicizing things like this that are slowly changing minds. In this case even well-known advocates of guns are protesting. But unless enough people elsewhere talk about it, the news will never get out of Florida until its too late.

    • As far as a tipping point, Jim…

      Why don’t you pray for a Hillary Clinton landslide? I can’t think of any other mandate that would state it more clearly.

      Ich bin auch, eine PUMA!

      • You’re not confusing my two Jims, are you? 🙂

      • Jim 'Prup' Benton

        *scratches head*
        Dud you call me a PUMA (The group that supported Hillary even after Obama had won the nomination, and the group — not the Republicans — that introduced ‘birtherism’ to the political conversation)? In a by-gone era, my seconds would be calling on you in the morning.

        That HURT! as well as being total nonsense. If anything, I was slightly paranoiac in my opposition to Hillary in 2008, but her service as SoS convinced me to support her this time. I have said there are five Senators who, had they been running, I would have been supporting, Gillibrand, Klobuchar, Merkley, Warren and McCaskill. (Yes, Kate, even though she is far more centrist than I like. She’s not a fraid to fight, and, as shown by her beautiful demolition of Akin, she has a good idea what she’s up against — one of the few weaknesses Obama had.)

        But I am the person who has, for the longest time, been arguing just how VITAL it is for us to win this election.

        It isn’t just guns, as important as that is. It isn’t even the more important question of who will appoint SCOTUS Justices that will be around for two or three decades, or the embarrassment I’d feel that a country I’ve always been proud of — despite its mistakes going back to Vietnam and beyond — choosing ANY of the Republicans as President.

        I’ve never been a doomsday foreseer even during the height of the Cold War — when better than 50% of the country believed they would wind up dying in a Nuclear attack, nor later, when nuclear meltdown and various diseases were the world-enders.

        But global warming scares me, in a way those threats didn’t. It is subtle — that’s a tipping point we won’t know we have reached until long after it is too late. It is underestimated — it won’t just make my house in the middle of Midwood into beach front property. The heavy metals that will be leached into the ocean if the water rises will be enough to turn it, and the fish we consume from it, into mercury(and other)-laden death.

        It’s not just a choice between Hillary and the Republican clowns. It might just turn into a choice between Hillary and Davros — the creator of the Daleks, for people who don’t watch DR. WHO — and I don’t want to be riding around in a rolling pepper shaker.

        I am someone who is begging Sandersistas — not Bernie himself, who has done little of this, but his supporters — to stop fashioning weapons against her that won’t help their candidate, but will help Republicans. I am someone who has been challenging Democratic and Progressive bloggers to stop just talking with each other and realize they have to get out and start trying to reach those not as smart or as knowledgeable as us, and finding ways to split them off from any tendency to see Republicans as anything less than the danger they are. I’ve been begging us to put out flyers, handbills, newspaper ads — as ourselves, not waiting for some party organization to do it. I’ve been the one who has been SHOUTING that we can’t let ourselves be discouraged if we only reach one in twenty of the people we try and talk to, that that can be enough to change things. I’m the one who wants to start a new ‘Freedom Ride’ over the next year, going down to places like Alabama and other vote suppression states, and providing transport and help to get EVERYONE possible registered — yes, even Republicans, because it might shake their asurances about how Progressives act.

        Ich bin nicht ein PUMA

      • I think he confused you with my RW commenter named Jim from Memphis

    • I guess I had better be more careful with my communication skills. I had no idea how you felt about Hillary. I was identifying myself as a definite PUMA sympathizer. I don’t think it’s a tipping point among the general electorate that will change gun laws so much as a new balance of elected office-holders that can bring about real change. Nothing will bring about changes in these laws and their enforcement faster than a Clinton presidency and a sympathetic congress.

      Accept my apology. I meant no such slight.

      What do you think about the federal court upholding the bulk of the new gun control legislation passed in New York and Connecticut in the wake of the massacre in Newtown? Yay Governor Cuomo!

      I’m thinking that the SCOTUS won’t even agree to hear the case.

      Yes we have hit the tipping point as far as climate change. Probably at least twenty years ago. Let’s just hope that we can tip it back in the other direction before it is hopelessly way too late.

  5. Jim 'Prup' Benton

    Didn’t mean that bolding, just a goof and no ‘edit button’ but, y’know, it DOES show how strongly I feel about it.

  6. Jim 'Prup' Benton

    As for my contention that we’ve reached the ‘tipping point’ look around you. More and more commenters, all over the spectrum, are zeroing in on gun laws. For the first time ‘reasonable gun controls’ are favored by a clear majority of the polled Americans. Democrats are actually taking on the NRA — though ignoring the far more toxic Gun Owners of America, run by someone Pat Buchanan had to dismiss for racism during his Presidential campaign. And nobody’s saying it too loud — because it works ‘both ways’ — but the next President could even nominate SCOTUS Justices who could ‘revisit’ the decision that opened the Second Amendment to its current extent. (And Citizens United as well. There is some irony that, because SCOTUS rulings are authoritative, that no one can overrule them except by a Constitutional Amendment, they are never final. SCOTUS can correct its own mistakes, and frequently has. There have even been Justices appointed who specifically were chosen to overrule a specific decision, though they did not always ‘perform as expected.’)

    We MAY be one tragedy — of a particular nature — away from the pendulum swinging entirely,. One attempt, successful or not, to assassinate a public figure, that causes some ‘collateral damage’ might do it. And note I said ‘public figure’ not ‘politician’ or ‘office holder.’ I can imagine some sports fan with a Concealed Carry permit and anger at the player who cost his team a championship, some prude or homophobe going after a tv star whose sex scenes are too realistic, even a soap opera watcher confusing an actor with the character she plays, or many other scenarios.

    But there is now a clear majority of Americans (55% by one recent poll) favoring more ‘reasonable gun control regulations’ and the number wanting fewer controls dropping. And FINALLY Democratic candidates are actually making it an issue instead of ducking away.

  7. Jim 'Prup' Benton

    And (h/t Ted McLaughlin of Jobsanger) as usual Molly Ivins said it the best.

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