How To Stop Mass Shootings The Republican Way

Come on, you know you want to.


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  2. It doesn’t work on my ‘puter.

  3. greennotgreen

    Shakespeare wrote, “My words fly up, my thoughts remain below.
    Words without thoughts never to heaven go.” But I think with Republicans and gun control, it’s “Words without actions never to heaven go.”

  4. Bitter Scribe

    The sound effects make that game. Specifically, the “Hmmm…” when you press the “Thoughts” button and the choirlike “Aaaah” with the “Prayers” one.

  5. Democommie

    Jimbo (B):

    Nice example, bubbagunz; 300+million gun in the US and, on average one good guy with a gun, every two years?

    Yeah, those odds kinda suck.

    • Jim in Memphis

      DC – how many victims of the mass shootings over the years have been armed? I would say the number is pretty low. So, I would say that the concealed carry guys and gals have done a good job of protecting themselves from mass shooters.

      • Democommie

        And you would be completely full of shit, Jimbo(B).

        In the eight incidents you give, 37 people died. In the case of the Gabriel Giffords shooting, the gunzloon was tackled by an unarmed person who came close to being shot by another gunzloon who, fortunatley wasn’t as bonedeepfuckingcrazy as some of his brethren.

        Three of the armed “citizens”, btw, were cops, one on duty, the other two, off-duty. Cops, generally, tend to carry 24/7, especially since Sept. 11, 2001. I’m not nuts about that, but at least there is a mechanism for investigating any officer involved shooting a bit more thoroughly than a lot of the vigilante wannabeheeeeerooooooooooooooz.

        The guy in Darby, PA. was carrying a weapon, against hospital policy.

        Like I said, Jimbo(B), not a stellar set of “situations” to use as examples.

      • I’ve already covered this in many posts over here. The fact is, there were armed people at the Umpqua Community College shooting, at the Chattanooga naval base shooting, at the Las Vegas walmart shooting. There was an armed security guard at the Columbine high school massacre. You can google it, I don’t have time to be your research assistant. What’s low is the number of times an armed citizen successfully stopped a mass shooting. As in, never. They’re usually just in the way. Several have gotten themselves killed.

        Really, if you want to be a big damn hero, join the police force or the military. Most TRAINED officers know that you DON’T rush in to try to save the day (indeed, the armed citizens at Umpqua and the naval base were military reservists. So they knew better.)

        This need RWers have to be heroes of their own movies is really pathetic.