Isn’t It Ironic?


That didn’t take long:

Man accidentally shoots self at military recruiting office

GAINESVILLE, GA (CBS46) – A Navy recruiter is recovering in the hospital after accidentally shooting himself with his personal weapon that he brought to work Friday morning.

Gainsville Police said he accidentally shot himself in the upper thigh. No one else was injured.

The incident happened at a military recruiting office on Dawsonville Highway.

In guns=everywhere Georgia, one of our safest, most responsible citizens evah decides to ignore the ban, and the predictable happens. Not even 24 hours after the shootings in Chattanooga, too.

So very predictable.

Hey, assholes: more guns is not the answer!

Isn’t it ironic that on the very same day a jury found James Holmes guilty of murder in the Aurora, CO mass shooting, Dylann Roof had his preliminary hearing in the Charleston mass shooting? And on that very same day we had yet another mass shooting?

Ironic? Umm, actually, no. Just simple arithmetic. That’s how many mass shootings we have in America these days.

We’ve got a problem. What are we going to do about it?


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Rep. Rick Womick Is Certifiably Crazy

Every state has their lunatic legislator (or three): Texas has Louie Gohmert, Minnesota had Michelle Bachmann. Here in Tennessee we’re blessed with an abundance of wackaloons, and our state legislature could easily be mistaken for the set of One Flew Over The Cuckoos Nest rather than the deliberative legislative body it’s supposed to be.

Chief among these mental cases is Rep. Rick Womick, who has now made headlines for his calls to impeach the Supreme Court justices and Tennessee Republican Gov. Bill Haslam over same-sex marriage:

NASHVILLE — Furious at Republican Gov. Bill Haslam for having “bowed down” to the U.S. Supreme Court on the same-sex marriage ruling, a tea party-style GOP Tennessee lawmaker wants colleagues to give “serious consideration” to removing the governor from office.

In his Facebook posting Monday night, state Rep. Rick Womick, R-Murfreesboro, brought up impeachment as he shared a link to MSNBC liberal talk show host Chris Matthews’ “Hardball” page, which featured a video of South Carolina state Sen. Lee Bright attacking the legalization of same-sex marriage during a debate on the Confederate flag.

In the post Womick said, “And where is Tennessee’s leadership oh that’s right our Governor bowed down to the five self appointed gods in black robes just minutes after they issued their ‘opinion!'”

Womick went on to charge that Haslam “changed Tennessee state law and our State Constitution without ever consulting with the General Assembly. I think it’s time to give serious consideration to impeachment hearings against Gov. Haslam and these five rogue SCOTUS justices!”

Rick Womick is a certifiably crazy person. There isn’t a conspiracy theory he hasn’t embraced, a fringe idea he hasn’t endorsed. Of course he thinks Haslam can (and should) be impeached. He doesn’t know how the world works, so this makes perfect sense to him. The only thing crazier is that he has been elected to the state legislature, I assume by other crazy people.

A brief rundown of Rick Womick’s greatest hits:

• Rick Womick believes that an “electromagnetic pulse bomb” was detonated outside of Shelbyville in 2013.

• Rick Womick believes Agenda 21 is a U.N. conspiracy to take away citizens’ property rights.

• Rick Womick believes that a local ordinance requiring Papa’s Butts and BBQ Hot Sauce Store repave its parking lot is proof of how the U.N. is taking away citizens’ property rights.

• Rick Womick believes Muslims are trying to kill him and should therefore be purged from the U.S. military.

By the way, there is “zero support” for Womick’s impeachment idea. Unfortunately, this idiot remains elected to the state House for reasons I cannot fathom. Surely there’s a less crazy Republican in this part of the state who can do a better job? No? How about a decent Democrat? Anyone?


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Congratulations, Jeffrey Odell! You’re Our 2nd Amendment Hero Du Jour

Another of our safest, most responsible citizens evah! Two innocent bystanders were shot — one a six-year-old boy:

Russell said Jeffrey Odell was showing two handguns, a revolver and a Glock 30 .45 caliber semiautomatic, to Anil Gupta. This was reportedly Gupta’s first time to hold a handgun. He allegedly pulled the trigger to the Glock several times before returning it to Odell, who put the magazine back in the weapon. Apparently Odell became distracted but he handed the weapon back to Gupta who didn’t know it was now loaded and pulled the trigger again with the gun discharging, striking both victims.

Ta da!

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Close The Loophole

Now that we’ve removed the Confederate flag from everything from the South Carolina state capitol to Disney World to the Warner Bros. gift shop — and trust me, I’m all in favor of that, don’t get me wrong — but now that we’ve done the comparatively easy thing, can we close the damn loopholes that allow these kinds of tragedies to happen in the first place?

Background Check Flaw Let Dylann Roof Buy Gun, F.B.I. Says


According to Mr. Comey, Mr. Roof first tried to buy the gun on April 11 from a dealer in West Columbia, S.C. The F.B.I., which operates the National Instant Criminal Background Check System, received a call from the dealer, seeking approval to sell Mr. Roof the weapon. The F.B.I. did not give the dealer the authority to proceed with the purchase because the bureau said it needed to do more investigating of Mr. Roof’s criminal history, which showed he had recently been arrested.

Under federal law, the F.B.I. has three business days to determine whether there is sufficient evidence to deny a purchase. If the bureau cannot come up with an answer, the purchaser can return to the dealer on the fourth day and buy the gun.

Many major gun retailers, like Walmart, will not sell a weapon if they do not have an answer from the F.B.I., because of the fear of public criticism if the gun is used in a crime. The marginal sale of one gun means little to the bottom line of a large dealer, which is not the case for smaller stores like the one that sold Mr. Roof his gun.

Two days after Mr. Roof tried to buy the weapon, an examiner at the F.B.I.’s national background check center in Clarksburg, W.Va., began investigating his criminal history. The examiner found that Mr. Roof had been arrested this year on a felony drug charge, but not convicted. The charge alone would not have prevented him from buying the gun under federal law. But evidence that Mr. Roof had been convicted of a felony or was a drug addict would have resulted in a denial, so she continued to investigate his background.

Because Mr. Roof had been arrested in a small part of Columbia that is in Lexington County and not in Richland County, where most of the city is, the examiner was confused about which police department to call. She ultimately did not find the right department and failed to obtain the police report. Had the examiner gained access to the police report, she would have seen that Mr. Roof had admitted to having been in possession of a controlled substance and she would have issued a denial.

The examiner, however, did send a request to the Lexington County prosecutor’s office, which had charged him, inquiring about the case. The prosecutor’s office, however, did not respond.

Around that time the three-day waiting period expired, and Mr. Roof returned to the store and purchased the gun.

And nine people are dead as a result. Some history on the three-day waiting period:

Due to a National Rifle Association-backed amendment to the 1994 Brady Bill, federal law allows sales to proceed once three business days have elapsed.

Since 1994, federal law has required that licensed gun dealers run background checks on all gun buyers. Since 1998, this check has been run through the National Instant Criminal Background Check System (NICS), a series of electronic databases operated by the FBI.

When a dealer runs a check on a potential buyer, he contacts either the FBI or, in some states, a state “point-of-contact”, either by phone or electronically. Operators enter the person’s name into the NICS system and review the person’s criminal records to determine if the person is prohibited from possessing or purchasing guns.

In the vast majority of cases, operators instruct the dealer within minutes that the sale may proceed (a “green light”) or that the sale is denied (a “red light”).

Since its inception, the background check system has blocked more than 2.4 million gun sales to criminals and other dangerous people.

In a small minority of cases (approximately 9 percent in 2014), operators cannot determine from the available records whether the purchaser is prohibited, and will inform the dealer that the background check is in “delay” status (a “yellow light”). Operators will then pursue further records in order to make a determination, including by contacting courts, prosecutors, and law enforcement.

Operators will continue to research the case until a definitive conclusion is made—but federal law allows the dealer to proceed with the sale after three business days, regardless of whether the investigation is complete.

This is what’s called “default proceed” and I can think of nothing that makes less sense. When dealing with deadly weapons and instruments of mass murder, your default position should not be to “proceed.” Your default position should be to deny.

The gun laws in this country are fucking stupid.


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Congratulations, Unidentified MT Man! You’re Our 2nd Amendment Hero Du Jour

Another of our safest, most responsible citizens ever shoots himself practicing a maneuver with a loaded gun:

BOZEMAN (AP) – Authorities say a man who was driven to a hospital in Bozeman with a gunshot wound to the abdomen accidentally shot himself while spinning a small-caliber handgun around his finger.

The Gallatin County Sheriff’s Office says the 23-year-old man, whose name has not been released, was playing with the gun at his home Wednesday. The Bozeman Daily Chronicle reports witnesses drove him to the emergency room, where he was treated for a non-life-threatening injury.

Hey, it works in the movies!


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Tennessee Gun Report

It’s baaaaack! Three accidental shootings in this week’s gun report. Enjoy!

• July 10, 2015:

A Nashville couple kept a loaded gun under their child’s mattress.

• July 8, 2015:

1- Nothing screams “pro-life” like pulling a gun on a women’s clinic client at an abortion protest:

BRISTOL — A report of a gunman during a clash between protesters and visitors at a Bristol abortion clinic Wednesday led to a Chilhowie, Va., man’s arrest.

Police were called to the Bristol Regional Women’s Center on West State Street just before 8 a.m. and learned of an argument between a protester and a patron of the business, Derrick Doss, 32,

Police said Doss went to his vehicle and retrieved a handgun, which he loaded by racking the slide. Police found Doss with a handgun.

After gathering evidence and taking witness statements, police charged him with aggravated assault. He was taken to the Sullivan County Jail.

That’s so pro-life, you guys! Also, love how when you’re exercising your Second Amendment rights, all other parts of the Constitution are pretty much shredded.

2- Tennessee state rep Mike Stewart (Democrat, of course) doesn’t think it’s “perfectly acceptable” to shoot a firearm into the air in celebration. Gun humpers disagree!

“It’s perfectly acceptable conduct,” said John Harris, executive director of the Tennessee Firearms Association.

“We can’t have people shooting a lethal weapon into the air,” said Rep. Stewart. “That’s crazy.”

Tom Michaud, who got hit in the arm by a stray bullet at Nissan Stadium, was shocked to find out that no one would be held responsible or charged with reckless endangerment.

“It doesn’t meet the standard at all because the Supreme Court has said the harm has to be directed towards an identifiable person or group of people,” said Harris.

Reckless endangerment in Tennessee is defined as placing another person in imminent danger. Appellate Court case State vs. Fox says merely discharging a gun is not enough to meet the requirement of reckless endangerment.

“We need to make it obviously clear that firing a weapon in the air in a populated area is illegal,” said Rep. Stewart.

Rep. Stewart says he plans to patch-up this legal loophole with new legislation. The executive director of the Tennessee Firearms Association says he would oppose it, “Because people all over the state can do it safely in areas that are not a threat to a third person.”

That makes SO MUCH SENSE, Mr. Harris! Oh wait. It doesn’t. Any claims that the Tennessee Firearms Assn. are reasonable, responsible gun owners have permanently flown out the window. They are the extreme of the extreme — and yet, our idiotic state legislators are afraid of them.

• July 7, 2015:

A Chattanooga man accidentally shot himself while taking his gun apart to clean it, while at work:

Chattanooga police responded to an accidental shooting on Access Road near Highway 153 today just after 12 p.m.

Robert Henry, 38, shot himself in the chest while attempting to take his own gun apart to clean it, according to police. He was trying to field strip his gun while sitting at his desk at Technology Sales, on Access Road, where he works.

Police said he was awake and alert after the shooting and his injury was not life-threatening.

Henry has a valid gun permit.

Remind me, who told us that guns at work were a good idea? Pretty sure it was the Tennessee Firearms Assn.

• July 7, 2015:

Some rare good news in the gun report: a Rockvale woman attempted to buy a gun and was arrested when the background check revealed active warrants against her in two Tennessee counties.

So remind me why we don’t want background checks for all gun purchases?

• July 4, 2015:

As mentioned earlier, two people were hit by stray bullets during Nashville’s July Fourth celebration downtown. We now have an interview with the second victim:

“We were hanging out in the back of the truck, talking to each other,” Michaud said. “I was standing there talking, with my arms crossed, when I heard the noise hit. It sounded like a splat.”

It was the sound of a bullet grazing his left bicep and lodging into his right forearm.

“I felt it and I looked down and I thought it was a singe, maybe from the fireworks or something like that,” Michaud said. “I tried to wipe it off. And on my other arm, I saw a bump. I touched it and I could feel something in my arm.”

In a matter of minutes, Michaud’s friends discovered what had actually happened. They called 911 and helped Michaud to a temporary police post set up in the parking lot of Nissan Stadium.

“I know that it upset a lot of people in my family because of how close this actually was,” Michaud said. “I got really lucky with this. This could have been my life.”

That guy is damn lucky it wasn’t his head.

• July 2, 2015:

Guns and ammo, including an AK-47, stolen from a Memphis home … for the second time!

And here I thought criminals stayed away from homes they knew had guns?

• July 1, 2015:

We still don’t know who shot this bald eagle in Dandridge but there’s a hefty reward.


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Congratulations, Manus Shannon! You’re Our 2nd Amendment Hero Du Jour

One of our safest, most responsible citizens evah demonstrates why there’s nothing more dangerous than an NRA talking point:

Man Distracts Beer-Pong Opponent With Gun But Accidentally Shoots 2 People

Manus Shannon, 27, was playing beer pong at a Fourth of July party in Roseland about 9:20 p.m. Saturday when he pulled out a 9mm semiautomatic gun, according to police and prosecutors.

Shannon began waving the gun in his opponent’s face to distract the 24-year-old South Chicago man during his turn, Assistant State’s Attorney Erin Antonietti said during a bond hearing Monday.

The opponent pushed Shannon away, and as he did, the gun went off — striking the opponent in his finger and a 20-year-old Roseland man in his shoulder, prosecutors said. According to Antonietti, the 20-year-old was sitting nearby texting at the time and not involved with the game.


Prosecutors said Shannon had an FOID card and conceal-and-carry permit in Arkansas, where he lived until February. When he moved to Illinois, however, Shannon got an Illinois driver’s license, but failed to update his gun paperwork.

These are the people our state legislature want walking around “protecting” the rest of us. Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!


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