Ordinary, Everyday Gun Negligence

This is the kind of thing we warned about when the Tennessee Legislature forced guns-in-cars on us:

Several guns stolen from cars in Bartlett over weekend

BARTLETT, Tenn. — Four more guns are in the wrong hands on Mid-South streets Wednesday.

Bartlett Police confirmed three cars were broken into over the weekend and four guns were stolen.

One of the victims agreed to speak with WREG to prevent this from happening to others. He said he did not want to be identified because the crook or crooks are still out there.

“My stomach dropped. My heart sank,” he said.

The gun owner recalled the moment he saw the holster in his car was empty Sunday. The rag he used to cover the handle of the gun was on the seat.

You mean the magic invisibility rag you used to hide your gun didn’t work? Shocked face!

But this one for the win:

Police reports showed that all three cars that were broken into over the weekend were parked at home. Police reports suggested at least two of the three cars were left unlocked.

The man we spoke with admitted he left his car unlocked because he felt his neighborhood was very safe.

If your neighborhood is so safe, why the hell do you need a gun in the first place?


Look, let’s just dispense with this ridiculous notion that gun owners are in any way safer, more responsible, or more concerned about public safety than the average schlub who thinks if they leave a laptop in their car overnight with a jacket thrown over it, nobody will know it’s there.

You. Fucking. Idiots.

So thanks for playing, jerks. Now there are more guns in the hands of criminals — guns which may be used to kill an innocent person, a child perhaps. Because every gun used in a crime started its life legally. And this is precisely the kind of thing we told the Tennessee Legislature we were concerned about. But no, we were told that gun owners are so responsible, you guys!

And will there be charges filed for this negligence? Don’t be silly. They’re the victims, y’all!

I wish I could say this was a rare occurrence but sadly, no. Unsecured guns are stolen from cars (and homes) all the time. Sometimes this negligence is charged. Usually not. It all depends on our strange hodge-podge of state laws. Here in Tennessee if you lose your gun or if it’s stolen, you’re not even required to report it. So let’s just say negligent gun storage in Tennessee ain’t exactly viewed as a crime. How does this make sense? It doesn’t — unless you’re deep in the pockets of the Tennessee Firearms Assn. and required to pretend that all gun owners are the most responsible, most awesome citizens ever.

We have loosened pretty much every restriction on where you can carry a gun, but there’s been no attendant requirement related to responsible gun ownership. That’s how it is with the gun loons: all rights, no responsibilities.

And it’s not just guns in cars. Check out this useful idiot in Utahone of our safest, most responsible EVAH, needs to conceal-carry on his trip to the local Walmart because, shit, I dunno, maybe he’s scared of getting robbed or something. So what happens? He goes to the bathroom and gets robbed of his gun! Slow clap, asshole! If only you’d had a gun to protect yourse– ah, never mind.

Look, the more people walking around, driving around, carrying guns everywhere, the more shit like this is going to happen. Now after years of decline we’re seeing a rise in the murder rate, thanks to “a proliferation of arms.” Gee, it’s almost as if more guns everywhere doesn’t make anyone safer. Who knew?


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5 responses to “Ordinary, Everyday Gun Negligence

  1. Kathleen

    If the consequences for innocent people to be injured weren’t so tragic, I could see a Pythonesque play or television show. The way you describe the optics is priceless.

    • The way you describe the optics is priceless.

      Amen. Also, the summation of

      That’s how it is with the gun loons: all rights, no responsibilities

      beautifully explains the whiney-assed self-indulgent nature of the problem.

  2. I can’t believe I’m the first one to mention this, but I guess you don’t go down your own bloglist that often, and have been ignoring Juanita Jean. So…
    We now have to change the cliché. It used to be, “Dog bites man, not news. Man bites dog, news.”
    Now it has to be “Man shoots dog, not news. Dog shoots man, news.
    (The original NBC News Report is here.

  3. Add memory loss, deteriorating eyesight and cognition issues of a rapidly aging population of gun loons, like we have here in the retirement community of Green Valley, South of Tucson and you have an extra dimension of danger. Just last week I was shopping in the local Safeway (Kroger owned) supermarket when one of Arizona;s most responsible gun owners left a loaded semi-automatic in the grocery cart. When I asked the manager if he was going to call the local Sheriff he replied “Oh it’s no big deal” as he steered the cart towards the service counter and placed a bunch of promotional flyers on top of the weapon, “happens at least a couple of times a month”, as if somehow that would automatically reassure shoppers of their safety. Oy vay!

    • Very true. I’ve been saying for years now, we all know about having that conversation about taking dad’s car keys away, but what about taking his guns away? Because I read shit like this every fucking day.

      I wonder what the store manager would have done if someone had picked up that gun left lying around and tried to hold him up with it. He might not be so cavalier about it then.