Y’all Qaeda


Tennessee Republican State Rep. Andy Holt supports armed militants in Oregon. But of course he does:


He has since deleted his Tweet.

Holt hates the gummint because the EPA fined him $177,000+ for polluting streams with waste from his hog farm.


In case you haven’t heard, the demon spawn of Cliven Bundy have taken up arms and taken over the offices of the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge in Burns, Oregon. Balloon Juice has been doing some good coverage of the event (read here and here if you want a recap, as national media seems woefully off the case). Suffice it to say, these patriots perpetually-aggrieved domestic terrorists have vowed to stay at the Malheur offices for years, if it comes to that, and are calling other patriots perpetually-aggrieved domestic terrorist-types to join them, and are basically tamping their widdew feet and having a big hissy fit.

With guns. The guns Obama was supposed to take away from them and never did. Worst tyrant ever!

Here’s a picture from the Bundy’s last adventure in BLM terrorism. Note the message on the T-shirt:


This message tells you everything you need to know about gun loons. “When all else fails, vote from the rooftops.” And that’s what the NRA and “gun rights” is all about, folks. It’s not about the Constitution or “protecting my family” or any of the other BS arguments they use when they roll back gun control legislation. It’s about being a bully, plain and simple. An armed bully. And just to be clear, when armed bullies wear long beards and turbans, we tend to call them terrorists. Just saying.

These are people who can’t get what they want through normal channels. “All else has failed.” These are people who are pissed that they’ve been wrong about every cultural issue. The world has changed and they failed to change with it and they’re taking up arms to take it back because they can’t do it any other way. Here’s a thought experiment: what if the Occupy Wall Street or Black Lives Matter folks behaved this way? Thinking ….

What coverage there’s been refers to this as an “action” or “protest,” and calls men wielding AK-47s targeting the government as “militia members.” These Bundy loons aren’t a militia, well-regulated or any other type: they’re domestic terrorists. That’s easy to see when a bunch of rednecks take over a federal building, even a tiny one in East Bumfuck, Oregon. What gives, media?

And yet, I see very little daylight between these Bundy clowns and the rest of the ammosexual/open-carry/concealed carry crowd. They may not have taken over a federal building (yet), but their mind-set is the same. They’re using their guns to get what they want because they can’t do it any other way.

As I’ve observed before (here, for example), their point of view is the same. They all spring from that same seed of ressentiment. Flashing your gun to assert your right to a parking space isn’t much different, is it?

Check out this Second Amendment Hero in East Tennessee, who says he’s “always expanding my arsenal”:

“Gun control is not the issue. It’s their hearts that’s the issue. People don’t have fear anymore. People don’t care and they don’t read the instructions,” Moore added.

I imagine Moore is just the person to instill that fear and force everyone to “read the instructions” with his ever-expanding arsenal, don’t you?

So that’s what it’s about. Not freedom, or safety, or protection. It’s about being given the right to be a legal, armed bully because the feminists and the brown people and the immigrants and the atheists had the audacity to come in and change things and these clowns were powerless to stop it. The guns are about power, plain and simple.

By the way, I note with tremendous irony that “malheur” is French for “woe.” Goddess does, indeed, have a sense of humor.


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14 responses to “Y’all Qaeda

  1. I used to live very near to where this non-drama is playing out, and I can affirm that it is exceedingly cold in this remote part of Eastern Oregon at this time of year. Since these clodhoppers with guns are determined to stay indefinitely by their own assertion, and given the intense cold, just cut the electricity and gas to the small visitor center and office annex, put SWAT teams on highway 205 and 78 to intercept reprovisioning with food from Burns and when their cold, hungry sorry asses appear, arrest them. No need to make martyrs of them in a fire-fight, unless they initiate a mad blaze of glory ending.

    • That would make sense! Instead, family and friends were allowed to bring in supplies! They’re bringing in their kids tomorrow! It’s a goddamn picnic, at taxpayer expense!!!

  2. Randy

    Sounds like a plan to me John. Clowns.

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  4. Randy

    From the looks of things on the Web this morning Y’all Qaeda’s tolerance for mockery will be sorely tested.

  5. Shutter

    I can end this in a hot second: send in a black undercover agent with a long gun and a Don’t Tread on Me’ tshirt. The cops will trip over themselves jumping the barricades and launch a furious all-out attach, using their armored cars, tanks, planes, biting dogs and machine guns to capture him.

  6. Randy

    Interesting point raised on another forum. As a State Legislator Holt could possibly be construed to have encouraged sedition. Of course no one in Tennessee will challenge him.

  7. Larry Lewis

    The simplest way to get rid of these squatters, even though it’ll never happen? Ignore them. They can then emerge, yelling, “Victory!” to the crickets, and go home.

  8. Steve H

    If you ignore them they just do it again.. next week the Andy Holt coalition of the yeehaidist will take over Ijams….It cost us a lot of money to watch these fools playing a very dangerous game.. The first time one of these (or someone outside their group) pulls a Barny Fife and shoots a gun then they all go off and start blazing away at anything that moves… remember that the last Cliven Bundy party had two “patriots” leave the group and immediately go into a cici’s pizza place and kill two policemen..they are guilty of sedition right now..Federal land is Federal land..(I am thankful that the federal gvmt has set aside land for nature, and our enjoyment of it. it sure as hell isn’t Ammon Bundys…

    • remember that the last Cliven Bundy party had two “patriots” leave the group and immediately go into a cici’s pizza place and kill two policemen.

      And yet, the RWNJs still insist Occupy Wall Street tried to blow up a bridge and raped people!