Congratulations, Unidentified KY Boy! You’re Our 2nd Amendment Hero Du Jour

And let’s add a “Mom Of The Year Award” nomination for Jereen Stamper while we’re at it:

ELLIOT COUNTY, Ky. (WKYT) – Kentucky State Police say a woman was hospitalized after accidentally being shot by her son in Elliot County.

According to police, the shooting occurred as the juvenile was dismounting a horse he had been riding. They say boy’s 22 caliber pistol fell out of his holster and discharged after hitting the ground.

We’re told Jereen Stamper, 39, was struck in the side after the gun discharged.

Police say she was taken to a hospital in West Virginia for treatment.

Sure, who doesn’t go horseback riding with a loaded pistol? And a juvenile, too. Brilliant.


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5 responses to “Congratulations, Unidentified KY Boy! You’re Our 2nd Amendment Hero Du Jour

  1. TCH

    “Sure, who doesn’t go horseback riding with a loaded pistol?”

    Nobody riding in the deserts, hills, mountains or anywhere else where there’s wildlife would be stupid enough to ride without one.

    I don’t see where the son’s age was given. Are you just assuming he’s a juvenile for sensationalization purposes? Do you not value your credibility?

    • The story referred to him as a juvenile. It didn’t give any more detail than that, however.

    • Democommie

      Golly, Gosh, TCH; I’ve hiked in LOTS of places and slept overnight, FFS, in places where the wild animals didn’t even steall my beer, never mind try to eat me.

      FWIW, NImrod, shooting from horseback–absent a lot of practice is liable to result in RBSH*. Also, too, what sort of dangerous wild varmint’s gonna get taken down by a .22 pistol? AND, when you shoot your fucking horse, instead of teh Kaintuck Griz’ that you were sorta aimin’ at, Brer Bear is like, “Oooooh, Happy Hour Twofers in the woods!”.

      Rule #1 when “schoolin” folks about YOUR SACRED RIGHT to be an idiot with a gun–try making sense.

      * Rilly Bad Shit Hap’nin

  2. Black Bears are generally not aggressive unless they have been conditioned to raid human encampments and settlements. When a bear goes rogue, it is quickly captured and euthanized. That’s why we have rangers. That’s what they do other than police the campers. That’s why you don’t feed bears. That’s why we use bear boxes. Remember, hundreds of thousands of people use these trails and campgrounds every year.

    Now a mountain lion in the southwest, or even in or around Florida, might pose a real threat to hikers, particularly in places with nice tree branches they can crouch upon to wait for their prey. Even mountain lions don’t like a lot of commotion. They will avoid heavily trafficked trails, dogs, etc. But if they see someone on horseback, I’m guessing they just let them ride on by.

    If I lived in North Texas or Colorado or Arizona or some place like that, and I liked to go out hunting, I would probably carry a gun.

    Where do you like to go riding, cowboy?